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So, 2 posts about removing ingame vsync but i've seen many posts and tech suggetions to turn it on, but to remove the fps limiters...
Btw why remove the background fps limiter? Does it really interfere? I like to minimize a lot so i thought it could help my OS/other stuff performance while playing.
V-Sync causes input delay. Most gamers who play with a competitive edge prefer to keep it off as it will reduce reaction times. Yes, it can help with tearing if you're truly that anal about your graphics.

With that aside, I recently purchased an AMD R9 380 4gig card and a 144hz monitor. Diablo runs flawless @ 120 average FPS. Gorgeous game with the right setup.
08/27/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Jrock
in this folder you will create the following DWORD and values.
sorry but how do you do this?

Off this topic, but...

I cannot create a new topic in any of the forums. When clicking the button "+New topic" exactly nothing happens. And I'd like to give some feedback to the PTR... But can't... Weirdly enough I can reply...

Is that feature currently not working or what might be the issue?

Thx in advance!

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