Budget Barb Advice.

Hey guys i primarily roll wiz, was hoping for some helpful advice to make a budget barb for 10m or less. Going with the skorn option i think.

- i'm after something that can run mp5-6 efficiently (or am i pushing it with the budget?)
- what build is efficient with a skorn?
- what overall stats should i aim for? (eg: AR, armour, LoH, LS, life etc)

please link me any previously made threads that have my answers, for what build i should run, and what gear/ stats i should be aiming to get :-) thanks!
I could push the budget out, but i like the idea of trying to stick to a budget and seeing if i can farm well while sticking to it and having fun in pub games etc.
get something like my barb
i didnt spend much on it
re gearing now thanks alot for the helpful post! :)
if you see anything worth sniping that fits this criteria if you could grab it and i'll pay you for it that would be helpful. if not that's okay you've already helped enough :)
what i've got so far, let me know if i'm heading in the right or wrong direction :-)
under budget so far, but what is pushing me outside my budget is:
- vit mempo
- decent rare gloves
- rings
- IAS with 170+ CD skorn

pretty much everything i don't have yet is because everything i bid on ends up going for well over 2m =\
and a question, how on earth do i hit the 1.82 break point without a witching hour? =\
or is there a slightly lower break point i can aim for?
Planet's guide was written by me and while he did not use those items exactly, he did use a comparable but inferior set.

To answer your questions:
1.82 is attacks per second while in WOTB. The lower BP would be 1.67.

I've noticed that rings like the ones I got for that set are now more rare but keep looking. As I said in the beginning of the guide, you need patience if you're going to build a good set on a low budget.

I've also noticed you're only following the guide loosely. It's going to be critical for you to be more patient with your purchases to get good stats like the ones I've recommended.
Npehalem SunTzu,

I think you should reference this here

I don't think the guide calls for the 1.82 BP, but rather aim for it.

1.67 requires 4 slots w/ any IAS Skorn
Mempo, Lacuni, IAS on gloves cover 3. the 4th is likely to come from ring.

However, w/ the right higher IAS Skorn as mentioned, you can hit 1.82 in 5.

Mempo, Lacuni, IAS gloves, Ring 1, Ring 2
or Trifecta Ammy (You kinda don't want to give up the CD slot in favor of IAS here since CD rolls 100 on ammy but 50 on rings/gloves) IAS ammy is more of a last resort and you should be making up the CD other opened slot.

I hope this helps. Good guide written by a good Barb.

Oh and FrontSquat addresses personally! Hi!
thanks, i'm trying to stick to it but some items suggested are way out of the price i'm trying to spend on my barb. like snagging a str/vit mempo for 1m no chance =\

i'll keep hunting, might have to re gear a bit of what i've bought so far.
*greatly appreciate all the help you guys are giving, still kinda newb to the barb class :-)
aaaand AH camping just earnt me some sexy budget gloves :)
how am i going so far?
trying for a unity with AR at the moment, then i think i should be done.
You need a more offensive amulet. You're missing up to 100% crit dmg on that piece.

You need more strength.

Overall, you're really good on defense. I'd say when you upgrade, try to get more offensive without sacrificing too much defense and you'll be fine. You can afford to give up some vit on gear because you'll be getting more paragon levels to make up for the vit.
Ok thanks, and I'm not sure how to maintain WOTB with a whirlwind build or without the build Planet mentions above. Any tips or items I'm missing on that front?
Or a better question is how do I run the build mentioned above?
Do I run around gathering mobs or do I just kill them as they come and spam hammer of the ancients? :S
and reflect is killing me, can't regen hp well =\
Drop bash for rend-bloodlust.

Drop bloodthirst for brawler.

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