Free WD gear set (COB) (~200k dps ~500k ehp)

Witch Doctor
WD captured my heart in beta, and has been the class I keep going back to even when it was very difficult to make it work with the budget I had (especially after the IAS nerf and I had to regear). I've managed to put together a decent setup for CoB that farms MP5 very well, but I'd really like to have Miss Cleo in MP10. I'd massively appreciate the boost over the top, and I'm certainly more than happy to pass along the gear I have to someone who can use it. I work full time with a wife and 2 kids, so my farming time is pretty minimal. I'd like to be able to make the most of the time between now and RoS gaining paragon levels, and a gear upgrade would really help me be able to do that.
Too bad I play on EU servers :/...I could really use this gear as nice improvement (zunimassa's ring especially),as my LadyLaveau meets all the requirements.
I'd put my name into the hat if this is still going on. Stuff like this is why I like the PC community. This is what I had posted on another forum when I was looking up a laptop to play d3, and was suggested to just get the console version

"There isn't any cross platform gaming and the pc community is a big reason I like these games. I mean for example I posted on the board to get some info about catching back up as a returning player and had someone give me a set of pretty awesome gear and I've done the same thing in wow countless times. Haven't really had the opportunity to do it in d3 but I'm 100 percent sure I would have if I had been a top tier for a long time. You can't really do that in console games that I've seen."

I tend to pass on gear a lot in these games
Nice toys on your build. I'd go for it but your should probably give er to someone that could use a good upgrade. :)
o wow that would be awesome if i could get it. been gone for awhile and getting back into D3 after having some issues with my account, sadly i dont meet the elite kills req

I wouldn't mind being given the gear from the person getting the gear either

Only 1.5k elite kills on my WD on a total of 25k elites but WD is my current paragon leveling char and I'm in love with it. Any of your items to help my char is greatly appreciated, especially pants or weapon. My old items will be given for free to help someone else.

Thank you.
Hi Amair,

My aim is to get 3 characters to Paragon level 50 (Xpac) - and my Monk to P100 .
My Wiz has been P50 for a while, and I am currently working on my WD (currently P01, as of yesterday).

If I was lucky enough to win this set, I would use it to P50, then give it away - in much the same fashion you are doing now (as has Alphashift, with the Monk set he won... a while back).

I apologize for the random Wiz gear on my WD, and Dex Skorn (from TR Monk!). I was playing with builds before spending gold. (I still cant tell you if I would prefer a 1H+Mojo of a Skorn for CoB). Currently, too much IAS, and no Zuni, 4pc, as I said, needed to find a build 1st.

Community involvement.
Well, I have posted a bit on the Monk forums, and given away some gear on the Wiz forums. Today I was helping Alphashift power level his next monk, TR ftw! (&TY Firebeam for power leveling my DH, to 60 today).

Giveaway link
I cant find the other one.

I hope Blademaster would vouch for me (as I offered to lend some some gold), Alphashift might, & I know the Wiz's Nyankosensei#1663 & Blackwidow#6383 definitely would. All in regards to trust worthiness.

Not sure if I fit the criteria, but at least I have given you a parameter for passing on the set.


Edit - typo's.

Edit - I will be away this weekend, back Monday (Sunday night USA time).
I am positively DROOLING just thinking about that Skorn on my character. The litany and the zuni boots would be a huge upgrade.

I have kinda plateaud with my DPS right around 160k unbuffed. Room for improvement in a lot of key areas. This would be amazing. My interest in the game has peaked recently (after a long time off) when they announced loot 2.0 and the xpac. I plan on playing pretty steadily until the xpac comes out trying to get my paragon lvls up and getting loot along the way.

I have mained WD since the game came out, and it is my absolute favorite character to play. I contribute fairly regularly to the forums and have played with a few people on here. I am a good dude, and GREATLY appreciate the gear upgrade.

*crosses fingers*
i love my wd. consider me
need this, just to say it one more time...
Hi Amair,

May I suggest giving an update on this thread? Has the set been given away, or are you still waiting for the original winner to respond?

Personally, I think you should choose another winner.

Also, I remove myself from this drawn.

I Would like To Add My Name To The Mix. Not Sure Where I Am With Elite Kills.

I Started Playing Wd When The Game Was First Released But Then Changed To Barb Because Of The Items I Found And It Was Much Easier To Play Inferno With A Poor Barb Then Wd. I EnjoyPlayingThe Wd More And Use Him As My Second Char And Have Geared Him Up With The Items I Found.

I Took A Break From Playing During The Summer Because Of Life Events (Move, Engaged, Etc) But Have Starred Playing Again About A Month Ago And Have Been Logging Around 10 To 15 Hours A Week.

Effect Of Gear: My Barb Can Only Handle Mp5 & I Feel Forced To Play Him To Find Gold And Items To Upgrade Other Chars. This Item Set Would Allow Me To Play WD (Fav Char) At The Higher Mps, Which Would Reduce The Grind By Improving The Amount Of Gold I Find And Legendary Items By Playing Higher Mps.
i like to kick back and relax in softcore :). i main WD in hardcore :)
i wouldnt qualify for the amount of kills on my WD, but i definately have tons on my barb and monk, stopped playing WD after 1st 2-3 months, went monk, then went barb, then switched back and forth between barb and monk. then played a wizard for a while, and just recently started trying to build my WD up.

have no life, probation and a 10'o'clock probation curfew, so all i do is work come home and play D3.
can improve my damage with a skorn but been toying with a Maximus with 25% fire dmg for now. though have a skorn puts me up about 130k unbuffed.

figured id post just in case i could be elligible.

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