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Why not add a new zone where you 1on1 a boss to test your skills? The bosses we have currently are way too easy, even at MP10 (Which only increases their damage points anyway...). I can't even farm MP10 efficently but I can kill the bosses no problem. I could see how a mode like this could work even:

You take the weakest mob, make a boss out of it, then just move up the ladder of monster types and bosses. This would even allow you to bring back the old invuln minion mechanics for a boss or two. Make some bosses harder for certian classes, and some easier for certian classes, throw in some bosses with adds that heal up the boss. Use your imagination devs.

And whatever you do, DONT make this mode give you gold/gear. Make the rewards something like recipes for crafting, which require mats gotten from bosses in the arena. Or even some cosmetic items like wings or eye glows, just something that people will want to go and earn, but something that people don't need to go and earn. Otherwise people will want constant nerfs (they proboly will anyway, but at least they won't be able to solidify their claim that they NEED this stuff). It'll give me something to compete for with my friends. There are easily over 100 monsters that you could use, and you only need somewhere around 20-30 bosses. Just use some creativity, and make something challanging for us players!

Edit: And you have a good skill system where players can change their build on the fly, make use of it! Make bosses immune to stuff like LoH or Life steal, make some bosses immune to crits (But scale their hp/dmg accordingly) so players will have to change up their build in order to progress. Make it so players cant faceroll it using 1 gear set and 1 build, you need to be adaptive to the situation. Make bosses that attack extremely fast, so players will be inclined to get a shield to block most of the damage. Make bosses that run really fast, and keep those kiting DH's on their feet! There are sooo many possibilities here, so many great ideas that you could come up with!
your joking right? Brawler's guild.. worst pvp i ever seen and i played hell of alot of games...
08/27/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Shensir
your joking right? Brawler's guild.. worst pvp i ever seen and i played hell of alot of games...
How does this have anything to do with PvP???
ah my bad didnt read... only saw the word ''brawler''

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