Seismic slam -- rumble tick breakpoints?

Hi folks,

I was experimenting with a seismic slam / rumble build on my hardcore barb and was wondering how attack speed affects the rate at which the rumbling effect ticks. I searched all the threads, but came up empty. Could someone who is knowledgeable about the subject post some attack speed breakpoints, or point me to a link? It'd be really helpful for keeping up WOTB, and as you know, WOTB is the best defensive skill we've got.

Thanks in advance!
Seismic Slam is floor(78/aps).

The subsequent 2 Rumble tick frequency jumps around too much to really be analysed properly. But, they stick to the target (not really a field effect) so you´ll always get those 2 if you hit a target even if it moves out of the supposed range of Slam.

Hope that helped a bit.
Thanks! So basically, your initial attack animation takes floor(78/aps) frames, and irrespective of attack speed, the rumble effect will hit any mobs in the area exactly twice. I was hoping that it worked a little more like run like the wind or energy twister where the number of hits in the area increases with attack speed, but it appears to work more like blizzard where attack speed is not factored in.
Nice skullgrasp and slam barb celegans, If you want to see a different build on hardcore check out mine.

Ever since the density changes, this is my favorite skill in the game for trash mob farming on low mps (mp3-mp5).

I can keep wraith up indefinitely in weeping/fom. It's like this feeling of being a commander on the battlefield ccing everything and keeping everyone safe from a distance.

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