10 apoc viable with 3.01 aps ?

Im wondering if its possible to play sns with only 10 apoc. I would move from 2.74 to 3.01 breakpoint. I would also get another 7-8% cc, meaning id be at 62%cc. What you think it would look like in field of misery farming trash and also in vota againsnt elites?
Possible, maybe, but I wouldn't bother with that low. I am over 3 aps and I had 17 apoc with 59% crit, and I would hear the out of arcane power speach quite often, however it wasn't really noticable. I went up to 18 apoc and 62% crit and I rarely hear it now.
not really
its not possible for masterjay on single targets and he has a bunch of cc to et on top of excellent crit chance
i believe hes at 60ish and then another 14-17 cc to et

feel free to run him through the d3 simulator and ull see what i mean, as dolynick did it a while ago
ias wont' reduce the requirement on APOC, because faster aps means faster AP expenditure.

High cc, on the other side, helps.
No. Used to be possible but they fixed the bug.
It works OK, but it's inefficient in freezing, eDPS and survivability.
Alright got it bros. I wanted to drop the SC for a mempo to be able to drop ias on ammy for cc/cd. This would have resulted in a ~15k dps gain, but then I looked at apoc forces and i'd lose this 15k just by switching sources. Its alright, ill keep my SC but I have another idea... ill know you soon enough :)
opinions are what they are. use d3cmww.com to simulate your wiz. Look at the AP return vs. consumed (as well as the freeze uptime.)

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