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Hey guys I'm looking for a way to make my wizard a little more formidable, so please point me in the right direction.

It's the level 40 under my characters.
At the moment I use mostly spells and not melee attacks and from what I see from some builds people use swords etc... I don't really understand how some of the people get the dps they do out of the stuff since I got int. pumped way up and no where near 1k to 2k....
Also currently the wizard is set up with a higher magic find and I'm playing nightmare difficulty on mp7 at the moment with reasonable success. I've been funding my AH purchases by selling off the rares I've been finding with the higher MF, I usually run into a rare every 10-15 minutes or so and sometimes quicker while still advancing the story line.

so please help and give me some advice thanks!
First off, your character is only level 40, there is a massive change in the gear that you can wear before level 60 and after level 60. I wouldn't even worry about your damage until level 60. If you can, just get someone to power level you to 60. Take that topaz out of your helm and put a ruby in instead, for the extra exp gain.

Also damage is highly dependent on weapon DPS, your weapon DPS is very low, it is only at 38 right now, stick a ruby inside the weapon and it will go up a lot. Once you hit level 42, you can probably find some cheap weapons with 500+ damage with -18 level requirement on them. I wouldn't spend more than 20k gold on this. Also, I really hope you didn't spend a lot of gold on your gear, the cain's set is good for power leveling, but once you get to 60, you will be replacing everything you have on atm.

One more thing, unlike diablo 2, magic find is a useless stat to chase in your equipment. It's much better to focus on gear that will let you kill things faster, that will offset any MF gear you have.
Ah i never looked into it but I thought weapon dps didn't mean squat on the wizard lol. Well guess I was wrong as heck then.

The reason I got what I got inside the weapon is that every time my spells hit I gain lots of life so I can tank the mp7's fairly well. with the ruby it will do more damage but I'll die almost instantly it seems.

Also, I don't understand. When I first got this game everyone was ranting and raving about magic find being the bee's knees and everyone was like "the higher the better" ... so why is it not important now?

I funded the gear I got by selling rares in the rmah and using the funds to buy other gear. The same will happen when I'm done with this gear also.
You are confusing D2 with D3 haha. In D2, weapon damage didn't mean a thing on the sorc, but in D3, every class depends on weapon damage, even the wizard. All of the spells are based off of your weapon damage.

Magic find also doesn't matter, because from what I hear, it doesn't really effect the quality of your drops, you just get more drops of the same crappy quality. Of course there is a chance that you will find something good eventually, but that is highly unlikely, and you are better off maximizing dps and ehp stats so you can survive and kill faster.
Understood, yeah I started playing after d3 dropped and played for like a couple weeks off and on, then didn't touch it till like 2 weeks ago and I started playing again so I'm sorry but d2 is mostly what I knew if you know what I mean.

Well shoot, I wish I would have saved my money on the mf gear lol.
Man were you right. I picked up something that would up my vit. a little bit so it wouldn't hurt so bad to lose the gem. Well damn, I got a cheap hamburger with some of my extra funds on the bliz account and dps went from 700 ish to almost 9k. Holy heck! I went to MP10 now and it's a breeze! haha, btw I dropped the magic find gem in the helm for the exp gem and it works a lot better, gaining a lot of xp now. jumped a couple levels just running for an hour.
For the record, magic find does affect the quality of your drops. Magic find makes the difference between a 6 affix rare dropping and a legendary item.

Anyway, forget everything you were taught in Diablo 2. Diablo 3, while similar in many respects, differs in equally many, and your assumptions about Diablo 2 will only hurt you in the long run.

Once you hit level 60, you should pick a build. There's a sticky that lists some of the common and not-so-common builds, along with guides. The fact that you have some dollars will make it a lot easier to get started. Even just a 50m gold starting budget (like $1.50 now?) will get you enough good gear to start farming.
yeah picked up a good mace and a better triumvirate or whatever. got them for next to nothing on the market and took my dps from 8k to 28k ... holy crap.

My problem now is that, some of the enemies are one shotting me when they appear on screen. I can't kill them before they get a shot off at me.

Any advice how to effective raise my hp to deal with this. I'm almost to sixty now lol, sitting at like 52 or 53 after I played a little today. Climbing the tower to take on diablo in nightmare.

thanks for the help so far guys!

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