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Build diversity is still a huge problem in this game. Every class has one or two 'high efficiency' builds then the rest of the builds are substantially weaker in comparison. Not sure how balance issues like this are still an issue this late into the game.

I came back after not playing for months, planned out a good build, tried it out with decent items and still found the all too familiar frustration that I remember oh so well from early D3. So I said screw it and fired up some of the OP builds (CM and archon on wiz) and it is like night and day. I went from struggling on MP2-3 with my build to easily handling MP6 with the OP builds. There should not be this much of a difference in power between builds.

Fix these balance issues and get this new paragon/loot system in, and RoS might actually be the D3 that many of us hoped for. Its bad enough that they removed skill level progression during beta, but the point of this current zero progression skill system was so we could switch it up and have a different build for each run we go on to keep things fresh and fun. Instead today all you see is CM wiz, firebat WD, WW barb etc etc because other builds are just too weak in comparison.
The current builds aren't successful because they are the "best" builds. They're sucessful because they are the easiest to play. You could make a build alot stronger than the current builds if you were to devote yourself to gearing for it correctly. The only reason people arent doing this, is because the current builds are just so easy to play it's not worth it.
I agree. But this is still a balance issue IMO. Skills that are harder to use should have a higher reward (when they are used skillfully) than they currently do.
I agree and that's why I don't play my wiz much after hitting 60.

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