Diablo 3 Xbox 360 Players!

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Looking to play with some mature players after the midnight launch? Go ahead and post your gamertags and I and others will add you.

1. Please have a mic. It's not mandatory but you can if you want.
2. Be willing to destroy all (;

GAMERTAG: Cried Upon

- Send me a friend request :D See you guys online!
Big indi
I have a Mic but I wont be on until around noon pacific time unfortunately.
Ill be running WD as my main.

Planning on being on as long as Walmart puts the game out at midnight. Otherwise, will be on when I wake up. Played the game on PC, can't wait to play on Xbox.
GameStop isn't having a midnight launch :/. But I'll be on all day tmrw. Add me GT: Errols Br
Damn, the PS3 thread is really making us look bad...
Hopefully I will be getting my game today and maybe ill send you a game invite!
Ditto with gamestop (bunch of bs). I'll be on at 11am at the soonest.

GT: MadManBlazing
Allready a thread like this but realmreaver73 here. already met folks online and had 4 player run which was a hoot. This game was made for consoles 60 fps is sweet deal.
I know im late but add my xbox live account so we can play some games (all of you)

gtag baelgarath
Ill be on tomorrow...gettin back from vacation...add me

Gtag....tooo hi 2 play

It's time to slay some demons picking up my copies In an hour : )
clayter21....add me. Ill give this a try too
Add me on XBL, I'll be picking this up shortly and hopping on.

xbox Gamertag: ThembaDk

Have done whole inferno on my Wiz.

i'll get a Headset/mic the 12. this mounth.
If u dont mind i dont got any "mic" feel free to add me.
EskimoBro42 is my gamertag....add me!
add me ShelledAsh38 just hit 60 started inferno for xbox
i play a lot
gots mic
played 1000+ hrs on pc
started on pc hardcore gots to para 23 then the console game came out : ) yea i play alot

Really looking for players who wouldnt mind taking the extra time to start a guild and find a place on the internet to post messages and leave notes
communication is key

check out the website if you are interested in being in a new forming guild

you will need an accessible email address in order to register.

register does not mean you've joined just means you can read the thread
hence the email


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