Made a cm need advice..

hey guys i feel im doing something wrong cuz i die a lot , can u guys suggest any changes?
Your attack speed is a tiny tiny tiny bit off the next break point. 2.31APS works, but not as well as 2.51APS. You're at 2.458 :( Make it to 2.51APS so you can freeze better.

Your AR is a bit low as well so you are taking more damage. Perhaps the MP you are playing is too high? Are you trying to tank stacks of plague/des/etc..?

I don't see a point of using Blood Magic since you're not doing massive damage that can't already be covered with your LoH values. Maybe change that to Teleport so you have great mobility?

Just a few minor holes.
You chased the DPS dragon. But you forgot about mitigation. Your Allres is non-existent and you are not hitting your IAS breakpoints. This combination is a recipe for disaster. You take more damage than you can withstand and your LOH does not return as quickly because of less twister ticks. You need to shoot for 750 AR and attack speed of at least 2.51 bare minimum but I would recommend 2.73 until you fully learn how to play the build. You also are relying on prismatic armor to bolster your AR when you should get your AR on gear and use Storm Armor for more DPS.
sorry for ignorance but what is mittigation?
mitigation is your total damage reduction. The more mitigation you have the less damage enemy attacks do.

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