Tell me why my character sucks so bad even though..

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Its obvious XD. How do people get such high dps and high life? I must be poor I cant even live through MP0
don't even know where to start lol
its funny but depressing at same time. help me someone LOL
you just started you have to play the game to get good items unless ofc your pay to play then just go buy items
For one thing, your life at level 60 should be around 40k or more.
You are missing tons of vitality, you should have at least 40k as the poster above said.
^What he said.
You need to play more lol unless you want to dump real money into the game. Just farm mp0 inferno, either act 1 or 3 for legendaries+exp.
sorry to say your gear sucks and u must be a bad shopper lol
My suggestion is buy 100 million gold for 3 dollars from the AH. Buy a budget set for 20-40 million and have fun.
Get more crit chance and crit damage and attack speed.

Search online for monk gearing tips. You can find some stuff that is much better than what you're wearing for pretty cheap (100-200k a piece for very decent stuff). Just do "search for similar" and look for pieces you want and bid low and hope you win them, that's what I did to get my gear for cheap.
well u just almost started playing this game.. youll get there soon.. ah search some class forums there are generous players willing to give out powerful items just for the sake of helping someone.. =) GL
speed , crit, speed and more crit dmg.
Just gear enough to farm act3 mp0. Every enemy there has a chance to drop anything in the game at 0MP.

You can buy gear super cheap on the ah 10k-100k per piece and still be able to clear stuff out with ease.
Agree with Sharuko...unless you are willing to take charity from other players during group play. $20 gets you a RMAH card from Best Buy. Spend it wisely and dont be afraid to ask someone for some help.

There are actually people out there who are willing to help out--they are just few and far between. Myself, I have given decent gear I dont need away to someone who could use it. I never asked for anything in return.

Good luck!!!
ya my life low that's why I prolly always die xD
Play how you want to play, don't listen to these fools. Don't use any of their builds for cc/cd untill you've at least beat diablo once in inferno using your own build. you'll get to end game and be dissipointed and have nothing to do. Trust me, just keep going like you are and perfect your build. Practice dodging projectiles and surviving fights. its much more fun.
13 pieces of gear to choose from, with a ton of affixes. Make a list of the stats you need to stay alive or kill stuff, then read up on some builds and decide if you want to try anything fancy. Then prioritize everything, split your budget and find the best stuff for your max bids. Definitely you want Dex, Vit, Armor, AR, Crit Chance, Crit Dmg, Atk Spd & LoH. You're gonna have to figure out which item slots are better for which stats though. They vary with char/build. A generic e.g. would be something like having high crit chance on gloves rather than crit dmg, or getting big crit dmg or LoH on weapons.
best way to get good gear cheap on the auction house is to look for items about to expire in the auction and over bid for the item, you can get gear selling for millions for as low as 3k gold

I have no way to buy online gear so i'm all self found and trading on the action house

my best trades have been getting a justice lantern ring for 30k and reselling for 9 million gold
and tal rashs armour for 3k gold and reselling for 180k gold every 20-40 mins its not hard
it take a little time but it works
Oh my...300 vitality...and that dps is why. You could upgrade from your current gear for probably under 5m gold and be able to do higher mp. I could build a 100k dps set for under 25m, probably even less, so if you don't have gold, I would spend $1.44 in the RMAH for 50m and upgrade. It would be well worth the money spent so you could enjoy the game better. I'm sure many would help you without taking advantage.

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