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Hello Diablo forum goers. I have been lurking the forums for awhile and peeking at peoples gear and trying to use different skill builds that I have found through the forums, but I just cannot seem to move up in DPS and eHP. I know gear cost is an issue, but my main problem is not knowing what modifications to be focusing on and which piece of gear to let go and what I need to look for to replace it. (generally just uninformed/educated in the game mechanics =\)

Not asking anyone to spoon feed me results. I just really want to know where to look for the information and any small tidbits of information that really help propel monks to the next level.

I am currently running 81kdps 50k hp (dont know my eHP and just under 500res all) I can do MP4 but I stick to mp2 because I still die a bit on mp3-4.

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