31 vs 33

talking about ruby for experience. never bothered going marq with my ruby but to those who have, is it worth it?
with a 5mill socketing price... meh if your rich and don't care i guess so. i havn't felt a big difference between 0 and 31 lol considering going back to zmythist for life %
Yeah unless you have too much Gold the cost is never worth it.
From some point on my Wiz, ruby in wep started to be better than emerald, so now I have marq ruby and can use it for exp in helm.

I would prolly make a one for exping if THAT would be what I want to do, too.

Why not, heck it's just ingame gold.
No.....2% is nothing with the the adjustments they made with xp....
You might be better off using an Amethyst, if that allows you to play on a higher MP. Check here: http://d3xp.weebly.com/
thanks for the inputs :D
08/28/2013 05:20 AMPosted by pichapie
thanks for the inputs :D

now you just need some outputs

/budum chhh

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