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If they charge 60 dollars for it I wonder how many people will buy it. I think it's more of a patch or downloadable content than anything.
You... you think a completely new class (which has use from Act I all the way to Act V)... a completely revamped loot system... an entirely new act the size of Act II (the largest act in the game), a new act cinematic, new kinds of gameplay via Nephalem Portals and Loot Runs, completely revamped Legendaries (not just new Legendaries, but adjustments to existing Legendaries), new companion side quests and 10 new levels is just "more of a patch or downloadable content"?

Methinks you're trolling, or that your expectations are entirely too high. There are enough adjustments incoming that this could justifiably be called a new Diablo 3, but in reality it's an expansion to the existing game.

I don't think it'll be $60, and if it is that may cause me to not pay that price. I would say $40 is about appropriate, with $60 for a hard copy of the Collector's Edition if it has more than just digital content. If it doesn't have more than just digital content, I'll be content to purchase a digital version of the CE and not have to deal with people in the mall. I can have it downloading/installing via the Battle.net client while I sleep that night, and it'll be ready for me to play when I get home from work the next day.

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