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Just wondering what I should upgrade on my CM wiz next at this point. Obviously having more DPS would be a good thing, but where would I start without spending a fortune? Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
Depends on what your budget is. You do have a few obvious problems...

You have high life but your mitigation is pretty low. Aside from base armor on your gear, you don't have any extra. Your AR is a little low as well.

DPS wise, first thing I would do is get rid of your Chanto's Will (wand). You should go for CD/OS on your wand instead of Vit (should never look for Vit on weapons generally... it's just a luxury). You've put yourself in a tough position since your wand has 199Vit... you'll be lose a lot of life just to upgrade your wand :(

What you can do it balance that, is to go for the big Vit roll on Chanto's Force (source).

You hit the APS/CC requirements pretty well though since your rings are pretty decent and so is your amulet... almost everything else lacks though.
Thank you for replying. Was thinking of a rolling some bracers with all resist and hope for Armor bonus/vitality as well. That way I can replace the chanto wand for a different one. Thank you for the input!
i would say go for a socketed wand - you seem well enough over teh 2.73bp so i would say go for a 1.63 socketed wand as they can be cheaper and you will still maintain your bp and increase dps.

i think socket on the source is a little less needed - so perhaps you can find an int vit higher average damage source to replace it - again this will buff your sheet dps and if you can find a nice vit one will maintain your hp.

you should be able to drop some vit from the chest and go for an ar armor version of the one you have. I would also recomend going for an armor strength vit witching hour as they are cheap. same again on lacuni - if possible armor lacuni or ar lacuni don't worry about int roll here.

basically you have all teh right stats but you just need more of them lol - for your rings and ammy you wanna look into higher cc versions and if possible squeeze in another 2-300 mroe loh and you will be one happy camper :)

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