Heres my gear, What should my build be?

My gear is a mix of hand me downs from a friend and my WD. Can i get away with skorn? I have no AP on Crit.

I can do good damage @ mp5 but I die a lot, is it me or my gear? if its my gear what should I start crafting/AHing first?

Is there a different build I am geared for? Thanks for any help, I am trying to switch my main from WD to Wiz.
You should try an archon build, your gear is really terrible for SNS build.
or sleet storm
or disintegrate-blizzard
With no LS, I don't really see the point of using a Skorn as a wizard. You won't have much success with disintegrate or SS based builds without LS, imo, at least on higher MP. You can at least run BM with some builds, but then you might as well get a 1h+OH for higher DPS.
or wave of force
Damn, well skorn was a free, so no big loss. Whats BM?
BM = Magic Weapon - Blood Magic rune
Ok, well back to the drawing board. What build am I geared for currently, or more likely, what build would I need to replace the least amount of gear for?

I need to farm to get money and mats before I can upgrade. I would rather not switch back to my WD.

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