Frenzy - Maniac, or Bash

What do you guys think... should I use Bash which has more base damage and an annoying knock back or, Frenzy which gives me a potential 75 % AS increase and 20% damage. I'm only asking because everyone seems to use Bash, when Mathematically, Frenzy, Maniac would seem the obvious option to use. Let me know what-cha think. Thanks.

PS: Place your bets for Extended Down-Time Today. LOL.

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Just thought I'd clear something up here - the attack speed bonus Frenzy provides only applies to Frenzy itself. So if you start using another attack, like Whirlwind or HotA, you won't be attacking 75% faster with those skills.

Personally, I prefer Bash with either Punish, Instigation, or Clobber. Punish gives extra damage, Instigation is great for topping off your Fury, and Clobber removes the knockback and adds some crowd control. No-Fury-generator builds are also incredibly fun to play, and I run with one occasionally as well. They can be a little hard to get the hang of at first, but once you do, it's a blast.
Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Now I understand, I shall go back to bash in that case haha.

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