Which skorn to choose for ww/rend build

hiya as title say im just wondering what is best for the ww + rend build i seen as i played wiz last new months and kinda out dated on the barbs area.

i wanna know whats best life steal skorn + witching hour free up bloodthirst for brawler or

high strength + vit skorn + ik belt also use brawler if 3% ls is enough

cause if I'm correct the high end strength skorn + high strength ik wud out dsp the other combo I'm just worried if the 3% ls is enuf love some tips or advice of the rend/ww users

cheers for your time any advice would be great
On the high end, LS skorn + witching hour + brawler is ideal. However, you'd have to spend at least a few hundred mil for this setup to be worth as decent lifesteal skorns are expensive.

If you can't afford such a skorn, then the double strength skorn works well too but you sacrifice either the witching hour or the brawler passive to do so. If you're farming XP, you'll also need another source of lifesteal to swap to in order to get your 5 stacks, then swap to the low lifesteal setup for farming trash.
gold is not a issue for me sellin my wiz as we speak :)

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