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Hello, I recently came back after 7 months or so and I'm looking for some advice for gear. I haven't put much into what I currently have and I'm able to do MP10 act 1 farms with a few deaths but looking to upgrade. Anyways, I'm just wondering where I should start and what should I work towards gear wise. Thanks!

Here's my link:
well I always gear for a minimum of 50k life 500 ar 5,5k armor and 5% LS, and I would switch out bloodthirst for brawler because you already have enough LS on gear. And ofc just keep crafting.

Good luck.
You shouldn't have come back from the first place so remove the game is your best bet.. problem solved


know you would come sooner or later.
Thanks PYRO, appreciate it.

And Superior I hear ya just bored with WoW atm lol. Need a change.

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