Need help making MP10 barb

I just started playing again and needed to make an MP10 Barb

How much money would I need? Also what would be the best skill build?
I also need help picking out which gear to buy. I spent 400m one time and got 85k DPS so i don't really know what i'm doing.
I'm no expert, but I think most people use the Double Tornado WW Barb.
My skills are like the Double 'Nado Barb but I have HotA to help with smashing stuff.
You can make MP10 Barb with gold less than 150m (not including gems). Just be patient, take your time in AH to get the right gear instead of go rush buying expensive gears from some crazy players.

About build is depend on you. For the body gears, I can see we don't have so much different, but I see you use "bul-kathos set" to generate enough fury to fuel your thrive on chaos. Is it works? If your Berserk mode only last few seconds that's mean your build is not working.

WW Hurricane rune is useful with the sprint combo. Hurricane + Sprint were design to make your Barb go crazy like tasmanian devil, which make it hit and run tactic. Without sprint, I think WW Hurricane is not so good.

I personally like axe or mace better (one or two handed) to get more crit bonus from weapon master instead of use mighty weapons.
You can build MP10 for relatively cheap. But they aren't all that efficient in speed to kill ratio unless you just plan on farming trash mobs.
you should look for litany of undaunted rings, with STR and 300+ LIFE ON HIT on the auction house

they are cheap and well worth it. you gonna rock mp10 with easy

good luck on your adventure
Current gears on barb including gems cost about 300m. I used to have a 2-3b set but have since pieced it off to the RMAH.

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