Archon Wizard looking for upgrade advice

Hey guys,

I just recently started playing again and I'm farming MP7 comfortably with my current setup but I'd like to start running higher levels (8 or 9); I only have a few hundred million to spend and I'm not sure which piece of my gear to upgrade next.

Would you guys mind giving me some advice? I'd really appreciate it.

No reply =(
I'd look for either trifecta gloves or a trifecta ring, assuming you could find one that is better than that unity for cheap. I'd also replace the ruby in your helm with a amethyst. Farming one mp level higher gives a bigger xp bump than even a marquise ruby, so the extra life is almost always worth it.

Also, since you have no signature spells in your build, the storm chaser rune for energy twister is not doing you any good.
At 232K DPS for your current wiz, it will be hard to improve drastically unless you're willing to fork out billions. For a start, you might wanna consider upgrading your weapon (to a sword or dagger) and pants to inna's.
Thanks for your feedback guys, I'll try to take your advice on board. Unfortunately looking at the AH it seems like I'm going to need a bit more gold before I'm able to purchase any serious upgrades.
352k DPS looking for gear advice? It looks like you're doing just fine =) I would recommend using "Improved Archon" though.

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