Think this is what we should be expecting...


Do you think these items found on the console version are what we should expect to find after patch 2.0? If so wow, everything that was junk is now beast.

Even if it's not, man the console version looks fun, I can imagine playing with some mates huddled around the TV, i'm tempted to get a hold of it ;)
items are good... but honestly they are only tweaked with slightly more stat rolls then current

13% movement speed... hmmm who cares since it's capped at 25, that 1 extra percent isn't all that big.

the 7ias is nice to see on a decently rolled set of boots tho - i'm gonna really enjoy that.

It look slike they are simply increasing stats and dps ranges, nothing special, but it sure is nice, we can gear towards some insane sheet dps. Loot 2.0 will be a whole nother matter tho in my opinion, these are just essentially same gear bigger stats which = boring after a short while. Loot 2.0 is slated to bring build changeing items so we are thinking things like ability rolls and stuff that will make you say hey yes i'm going to sacrifice that 400int roll because i want free meteors.. or somethign i dunno jsut saying.

loot 2.0 items will be more interesting, at least i hope to go they will be otherwise the items will simply be a matter of... oh 80ar is no longer max roll... okay i'll upgrade to 85ar vile wards instead... yawn.
movement speed cap is being raised, but yeh fair points, i'm hoping for "build changing" gear :)
fingers crossed ! ! !

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