Any advice on my gear?

Hey guys, SlewBrother here. I am getting ready to invest in a new piece of gear for my monk and I am just really struggling finding which piece of gear is going to provide the biggest boost to my hero overall (or which piece is providing my the smallest benefits)

Just wondering if anyone can provide my any criticism. Any is welcome.
100% --> Your weapons.

You have no LS and no CD on your weapons. LS is going to keep you alive; you must have it on at least one weapon. CD is going to add huge amounts of DPS.

There are other issues too, but until you address your sustain (ideally with LS on at least one weapon) it won't matter very much.
Sigh, I was afraid this was going to be my issue. I cannot find a somewhat decent weapon with LS, let alone crit chance as well, for less than an exorbitant amount more than what I have. I have 11mil atm and constantly check for weapons I might be able to snipe :( I guess it is back to the grind for me. Thanks for the information and may your games be full of legendary items :)

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