Haven't played for months. Need CM/WW advice

What's new and what should I improve?
Is 2.73 still good?
Can I just work on getting more cc/cd?

I'm currently at 2.96 should I just switch to a socketted Chato and stick an emerald in it? With a 1.65 wand I'm still at 2.77.

Thank for any input.
Upgraded some of my stuff. A bit better now. Anything else I could do?
Would it be worth getting a Natalya's Refelction+Bloody footprints?
Do I need more life/def?
Yes, 2.73 is still good. Your APS/CC are pretty decent actually. Try to retain those as you improve all your gear.

You have pretty low CD though. Get it wherever you can if you want to increase your DPS.

Nat's combo is always good! I would probably get rid of both your rings. Skull Grasps can't roll more than 7IAS and you need to get CC on it.. you aren't too bad mitigation wise so you can afford to lose that bit of armor.

If you do switch out your Skull Grasp, you'll need to find LoH somewhere else. Unity's with IAS are good. Otherwise go with Nat's combo (ring with CC if you can... if you can afford LoH on it as well, that would be even better).

Oh... hang on... you're not using BT pants. Get ones with AR/Armor... you'll lose a bit of Vit, but you'll get more LoH. Effectively retaining your total EHP since you are being healed constantly.
All gems have been upgraded.

I actually bought some Tasker and Theo's and a Tals chest piece with +370 armor to boost my def before I made my previous post. Also bought a Nat's ring right after I made that post.

8 Ias
6 CC
90 intel
230 armor

I can still afford to lose 2 Ias on an item of mine. I blew quite a bit of gold on improvements so at the moment a blackthornes ammy with cdm is out of the question.

I have a few unities in my stash with 8 IAS that offer more damage than my skull grasps, but CC only goes up to 4.5 so I'd rather refrain from using it.

Btw my skull grasps do have 6% cc on them.
what about socketed bt pants? that might be nice - can't remember what you can find but i'm sure an ar socketed bt pants would be nice and potential dps upgrade too.
I didn't even notice 2 bt items grant 100 vita. This changes things :o
09/01/2013 03:46 PMPosted by StoneOld
Nat's combo is always good!

Nat's combo is good for the additional 7% critical hit chance, but Zuni ring and boots provides +130 intelligence. It's worth spending some thought deciding which bonus would be better for your character in its final state, rather than making the decision based on interim setups.


I think I'd rather get the Nats combo. I'm not perma freezing the way I'd like to.
With my BT ammy, pants and skull grasps I already have over 1k loh. Without the skull grasps I still have 945.

I wish the profile would update already so you could see where I stand at the moment.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to observe what's happening during battle. :]
It's updated! All it took was for me to quit the game lol. That's good to know.
ahh you see - now that is a well rounded profile, you got basically everything you need the only upgrads now will be getting more of everything that you already have.

The most difficult issue for you now is the nat set - your only options are bloody footprints or sight.

obviously boot will be the first to spring to mind duh lol but i just want you to consider the helm hehehe.

Anyway boots will be fantastic for th esmoothness of your game - get high dex (180) int vit ones and if possible look for high armor as well. Good luck dude - profile is looking solid
I lose 10k dmg if i switch to Nat's boots. Lose the necessary IAS if I switch to Nat's helm.
I'd only win if I exchanged my Nat's ring for a nice Zuni's with IAS/CC. Those are damn pricey.
did you actually equip the nat boots? because i'm pretty sure that teh dps comparison in ah does not factor in the additional dps you gain from going up 7cc which is substantial.
Just checked in a damage calculator. I'd be getting 2409 more damage with 100 intel Nat boots with the 7% CC.
Would you say that I have "too much" def?

What would be an ideal hp/def/all res combo?
50HP/4k armor/800AR unbuffed is what the top wizards tend to hover around to achieve roughly 88% mit with 400k EHP.

And no, you can never have too much defense so long as you keep the necessary offensive stats. You probably want more Vit/Life% to bump your EHP up more.

Right now, you just lack CD but this is where things get expensive. Trifecta jewllery (good luck getting a trifecta Nat's Reflection) and higher base DPS Chanto's Will/Force is be what you look for next to increase your
Well I have over 5k armor so I think I can sacrifice some of mine for items with more vita.

I would probably leave trifecta Nats for last and get trifecta Duncraig Cross instead. Half the price and 3x or 4x more damage.

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