200m budget barb set help plz

i have 200m i want to farm mp 10 eff can anyone help!
im already close to mp farming
It'll take you a while to kill elites on mp10 with a 200m budget.

If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.
i think u miss read im not starting from scratch i have decent gear already just trying to budget upgrade
Sorry but I don't see anything on you that you should keep if you want to farm mp10 efficiently except your gems.
hmmm well im not asking to be the best barb just something decent
Hi mate

On a 200 mil budget I recommend the following:

Helm (leave as is).

Shoulders, start crafting vit ones, when you get some decent ones with a str and res all roll, cash out the Vile Wards. Remember Barbs are the only class that can roll up to 300 (or if your lucky just above) VIt and Str so they are worth doing.

Chest, replace with one that has a 200ish Vit and 130ish str. Ive just checked the AH and these are 30ish mil. After which you can swap out the two vit gems for str. Result more vit and str on chest.

Innas, cash out the ones you have for those with vit only, two str gems will give you more str on them than low str/vit and two vit gems. Just checked the AH, there are two innas with 150ish vit (8% AS) for 35 mil. Cash out vit gems and replace with str gems. Again, more str with slight loss in vit, but this has been made up on chest.

Ammie, crafted ones are great but in the mean time, you need more CC. Just checked the AH, there is one for 4 mil with 190 STR, 59%CD and 9% CC (name is Trance Ward). Yes you loose str but high CC here is good.

If you want to farm higher MP levels, especially elites, you will need a Stone of Jordan, try to get one above 25% elite bonus damage, they are only a couple of mil.

Str gems, if you replace your chest and innas for those I mentioned earlier, you will need another 4. Just checked the AH and 4 Perfect Star Ruby's will cost you roughly 32.5 mil.

So thats about 100 mil. See how you go with that first, and then maybe a higher DPS weapon or two. Eventually you will want better braces (res on them) and WH with resist too. However for the meantime, get your life up a bit and maintain your current resist, this will be ok for lower to mid ranged MP farming.

Besides your gear which someone else already helped with pretty good, you could try a different ww build for quicker farming, remove rend for battlerage(into the fray) and switch your ww rune to hurricane. all you need for that set up is 40+ cc and your golden
well i found a skorn that increased my dps my 30k for 85 m i replaced my chest with a vit one replaced my vit gems with strenght ones crafted vit shoulders crafted better bracers and gloves and now im doing at the very least 197k my im clearing my 10 pretty fast i am having a few probs with elites its like i need more res or something i ran out of gold but im waiting on some gear to sell so i can get the soj a friend told me craft better shoulders bracers and gloves and focus on my dps and ill be farming mp 10 soon
i feel like im being trolled my rolls are crap 200 crafted shoulders and still not a real good one :(

I don't agree about so much tdps focus for a skorn. Reason is because skorn users should not go a pure WW build and hence tdps is not as important for skorn users. The benefits of skorn lie in having way more effective rends and much bigger hota crits than DW (unless gg DW gear) so using rend doesn't gimp dps and in fact results in better kill times.

My better set from before measured in at 2.6m tdps and dropped some elites sub 10s avg 20+s or so. Sub 10s would occur when I rend and the WW are ticking and I get to hota - 3 sources of damage > 1 (WW). Sometimes they died before I realized there was an elite mixed into the pack of mobs I was killing.


You'd best read the stickies at the top of the page before you waste any more gold on gear that doesn't help you much. The IK chest is good (armor a bit low but whatever) and the shoulders you crafted is good for now. I can tell you're a paper dps chaser, though and that's not going to get you very far. I know because I used to be one and was frustrated why my char was so crap. You need to make sure you can survive anything the game has to throw at you before you can dish out the damage.

He still took 20+s to kill things. If I killed 5 packs in 45s minute and say it took me 9s each but the reality is it takes 45s to kill each of the packs. I had comparable kill times with gear much worse.

Dakkon has way better gear than I did as well. If I can achieve what he does with only 2.6m tdps while his gear hits 3m+, doesn't that say something about the versatility and effectiveness of skills other than just WW.

If tdps was the endgame, then everyone should just DW, but as you can see, there are quite a lot of high end barbs that use skorn, whether to incorporate rend and/or hota into their builds. I'd also add that when I used to DW, I had more tdps and longer killtimes.

I think it comes down to playstyle, preferences, and some minute details about optimizing gear more for WW or WW/HOTA or WW/Rend/hota or whatever. While tdps is a pretty good marker, I still don't agree tdps is all the person should be looking at.

Just had a quick check. Good to see the replacement chest piece and those gems. Your vit is well on the way to where it needs to be.

However, I noticed you dont have your IK gloves on anymore which also had resist all on them. Your Resist all was around 500ish, now that you dont have those, youve lost the res all that was on those, plus the 60ish resist 2 piece IK bonus. So a lack of resist all is now your problem, if they are not sold, put them back on, this will help with your damage reduction. Also look at replacing that Amulet, the more CC the more Crit Hits youll land. Remember, when you get that SOJ, you will also have lost the CC on whichever ring you replace.

Keep in mind the general advice regarding barb setups, 500-600 res all and 50-60 life is your overall aim, so if you craft an item that gives you more DPS but no resist all, work out how you will make the difference up. Ive crafted awesome braces in the past, but havenet used them as they did not roll res all, which at the time I needed more than DPS.

If your confused by the "paper DPS" term versus SOJ DPS, have a look at the Barb advice thread posted by Raging Koala (stickied up the top). It confused me for while, so I bought a cheap one, gave it a go and had an "oooohhhh" moment when I downed my first elite.


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