i think this's build is power

The skill set up you have in your profile is fairly standard for Liquefy/SNS users.

The problem I see here is that WW is a lackluster AP generator at 1.79 APS and 20 APoC. Most who run this build are using 2.5 APS or higher for a lot more ticks per second on the twisters and therefore a lot more AP regenerated. With a single target at your current 3.75 tick/s @57CC and 20 APoC, WW may not be anymore than just paying for its own casting cost over it's 6 second duration. You pretty much need multiple targets under each twister to really come out significantly ahead.

You might want to consider looking at Living Lightning. It is more of a burst of APoC generation as it is only a 2 second DoT vs WW's 6 seconds - but it will generate a much larger AP return for you. Partly because it has no casting cost it has to recoup, so it's all AP "profit" and partly because it gets 4 ticks (more) per second at a higher proc coefficient as well.

Whether you want to switch or not will depend on how exactly you play your build. If you're casting meteors primarily and just using WW as needed to cover the shortfall, then LL will make sense. If you're running your build as the more traditional SNS style and just tossing in meteors as you can, then LL will not fit in as well.

Nice sword bro. Do you even lift?

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