Help me upgrade!

Have about 2-3b to spend, can you guys scope me out and give me some ideas.....
You can do a lot for that amount of gold. You won't get godly status, but you'll be able to build an mp10-comfortable barb.

I suggest reading the stickies at the top of the forum, and get a good understanding of barb gearing before you start spending.
I have a good understanding an do mp10 comfortably, just wanting to move to the next level
Nephalem ktulu87,

For that amount of gold, you can upgrade many of your slots! Since you are running both Lacuni's and Inna's, you really have 5 slots of AR (+ IK 2). The other 6th slot needs to be moved off ammy IMO to open up for a true DPS high Strength Ammy. I would recommend moving to a near full 6th slot AR on Lacuni's which will put you over 500.

Then you can drop War Cry for OP:KS and pickup 10CC.

You have some IAS slot ineffeciencies. and you can actually hit 2.86/2.5 BP if you go all 9% IAS in all 5 slots (Total 45% IAS on gear) [Double check w/ a calculator].

I would also pick an Offhand EF w/ better affixes than one that has high "DPS" for paper DPS inflation. Max Both rolls + socket whether it be LS or CD

I would upgrade chest first which should give you a massive Base Stat Boost. This allows you to trade in all your Vit rolls elsewhere for straight out damage. Check through Eclipse's guide in the stickies for gear.

Truthful, you can do whatever you want. The disparity in many of your current gear prices and your budget are so great that you are really asking for a complete regear with reuse of few pieces rather than "next piece to upgrade" constraint.

You are better off laying out all your goals rather than just a simple "how can I improve" with a regear.


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