Moving on...

My climb to the top has come to an end for me...

I always thought when and how I would draw up the conclusion of my quest for perfection, but with my lack of game time and increased responsibilities in real life, I don't have the time or drive anymore to go higher.

Its been a great climb ... very satisfying and I've never thought I'd possess such items in such combination as I do. I never wanted to put a cent into the game, and I haven't bought anything that I didn't make in game... If I could give newbies any advice is that it takes time and effort to flip. There isn't really a "quick" guide to flipping because it takes knowledge of markets and prowness to succeed. Best thing to do is START SMALL. (I started grinding 25k gold rare item flips and built my empire exponentially over many months)

I'm very proud of my accomplishments in the game both personal and within the community. Its nice to be recognized for my efforts, this community has kept me in the hunt. I still enjoy helping people and educating whoever will listen so I will still hang around the forums. I'm not looking to exit the game completely but I will be selling off my top GG gear and downgrading. I'll focus a bit more on my alternates whenever leveling and keep a set of wiz gear if I feel the urge.

Packing it up is actually pretty difficult for me to do... I've never downgraded my wizard before. Its like giving up.. But i'm trying not to think of it that way.

If you guys are interested in anything please hit me up, as you know, it is all serious stuff.

Its nice to put together such a godly wizard, its been truly a pleasure being the driver of this horse.

Thanks for reading all. I'll be around =)
Two in one day... :(

take care boozer
09/09/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Boozor
Its like giving up.. But i'm trying not to think of it that way.

Naw, Booz, you climbed the peak. Downsizing is just a reassessment of priorities; it's not giving up.

I know you'll be back for loot 2.0 and/or the expansion.

But you know what? I'm going to miss your drunken posts.
Well... if I can sell off one of my rings, I'll see if I can humor you in dealing me yours. Other than that, downsizing is perfectly fine. I've done it in the past (though just not on a massive level like you right now). Just remember it's all about having fun.
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Cya in game on an alt boozmiester
Are u gonna part with that gg storm crow? :D

Me want!
Thanks everyone for the replies.

I'll be around =)

But as some have noticed, I haven't been posting much past month or so.

Everything is available skip. Thanks.
I'll add u in-game and discuss a good price from there.

But I reckon it'll take quite awhile to see each other online as I'm from Singapore.

Nonetheless, all the best in your future endeavors!
09/09/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Boozor
My climb to the top has come to an end for me...

"As you can see, I don't f*ck around"

That quote will forever remain in my heart thanks to you. Good luck on your future endeavors and see you in the expansion.
Sigh was just remarking to Peterbiz that it's sad to see you and Yoda go but glad to see you aren't quitting totally.
dont leave me boozor
It's going to be sad to see your gg wiz downgrade, but I hope you'll still be coming into mumble with us all :)
jeez its' like everyone is leaving all of a sudden. It's actually kind of demoralizing.

But i guess people have to do what they have to do. Good luck with your downgrade Booz - i can happily recommend rare hats as they look awesome and are decent mid tier sort of things - otherwise it's crafted everything within a comfortable level.

Hopefully will still catch you around from time to time - fingers crossed yoda will also keep 1 set for the occasional run every once in a while.
I refuse to wear wizard hats... they look like knobs. A female wizard really doesn't need a knob on her head.

"To all the wiz I've loved before,
who traveled in and out my door.
I'm glad they came along,
I dedicate this song...
To all the wiz I've loved before."

What to say... :-/

Cya Booz.

Thank you so very much for giving me directions towards unobtainable, insurmountable, unrealistic goals. Though you yourself have achieved much in D3, I am pleased to know that the likeliness of similar accomplishments will be reserved for those of us whose family owns small islands, oil rigs, and diamonds....lots of lots of diamonds. I thoroughly respect you, and will miss you. Thanks for the memories, old friend.

Sad to see you move on Boozor. You were the first forum wiz that friended me, believe it or not.

I appreciated all of the discussions about how to AH....although I never made it to "GG" levels like you, getting to "gg" made it fun enough.

It's still going to be quite awhile until patch and its really a great time to take a break. Grinding paragons is so freaking boring. Hope to see you resurrect your toon in the future. Melkor said in his tunes....Some of those items shouldn't even exist. just wow.

(I hate writing these types of messages, lol)
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There will be some GG gear definitely going back on the market with Boozer and Yoda going onto hiatus. I hate to see you go, and I like that you have the AH skills and in game skills combined as your number of elite kills shows you actually played the game. If you never actually put any money into the game, and flipped/worked the market to get gear that good, you sir are a true master of the game.

You are one of the people whose gear I would look at and then cuss you at the same time;) Hopefully you and Yoda will both keep a set on deck for when the xpac and lewt 2.0 come out and for an occasional run.

Just out of curiosity, with all those elite kills and hours played, what is the best item you have found in game?

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