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Thanks for the reply! I will check out that build you mentioned.. I have tried crafting some new gear but no luck yet. I will keep trying though :-). Lately I have been feeling a little on the squishy side, I will work on bumping up my vit hopefully without losing too much dps.. thx again.
@luffy well i have changed things around, but can not seem to break the hp and armour barrier, maybe with purple gem in headpiece.. only thing i can really think of is vit bracers with some cc
Hello there Luffy, how do you do? I'm sittin on 28 million gold at the moment and I'm lookin to spend it. Currently I can run MP7 with satisfactory efficiency but as soon as I go into MP8 my kill speed slows and I die too often for my liking. I'd like to switch over to using Gruesome Feast as well but I can't figure out where to fit pickup radius into my gear
I think you need pants with higher armor. Pants armor can go up to 700.
you can get more vital from shoulders. Get a better Vile or craft a better one.
You can also get zuni boots with higher armor or vital (get rid of the dex affix).
your armor and vital are too low.
get pants and Witching hour belt with more vital and armor.
you can also get a zuni boots with high vital / armor, zuni chest with higher vital and armor.
Replace ur red gem on ur help with a purple one for now.
Keep crafting bracers and ammy.
you can try to get better pants and/or witching hour with your current budget.
You don't need pick-up radius to get Gruesome feast to work....although it's good to have.
PUR. can be obtained from belt, pants and boots.
I'm 2mil short of getting a decent skorn and it sucks playing without one that has life steal
your vital and all resist are low
Skorn need life steal..very important (hope you can get one with lifesteal 5.6 or above)

craft ammy, shoulders and bracers.
upgrade your pox to get some crit chance when you have gold.
If you really out of gold, get a cheap mojo (things of the deep) + cheap knife with lifesteal;
or cheap 2hand weapon with lifesteal and start grinding low mp levels.
I found it very enjoyable still.
(...or just me :P..)
(my cheap cheap low level hc WD:
Hi Im looking to upgrade my Witch Doc and was wondering on what parts I should focus on first!

Any help is greatful thanks
@luffy would appreciate some suggestions on my gear. at the moment i am crafting shoulders hoping i will get a great one even thought these ones are ok i guess. my next step would be changing helmet for one with cc... or should i buy a better ring first? what else would you change? Thanks in advance

Man nice work on this thread bud, you have helped a lot of new WD's here.

keep up the great advice and suggestions.

Luff I give your advice 10/10, but your WD gets a 0/10 :P


the easiest and best way for u to upgrade will also be the cheapest as well.

if ur running mp10 and u prob should be drop the ruby in ur helm for a amethyst it will be a huge hp gain prob about 6-10k hp.

drop the helfire ring u only rolled cc and low cc for that matter ur using a skorn so cc is huge. look for a rare ring on the ah. it will be a ehp and dps upgrade pending the right stats.

av damage
50+ vir or life%

the exp from the hellfire and ruby is nice but at mp10 its not needed. ur better off properly gearing for mp10 or over gearing to make ur runs more efficeint. a group of 4 people on mp10 ur talking about over 1100% bonus xp the hellfire and ruby is not need at that point
Help, I have always played a barb. im not great or anything but do my playstyle fairly well.

Switching to the WD I am just lost. Build, style, gear the whole boat.

I like pets but understand it may not be the best or at least most effective choice. I die ALL THE TIME though trying to run bats.


the first few upgrades here shouldnt be to costly and would be an immediate help to u..

add crit chance on ur zuni vision even if its a low end one with 3 cc.

ur rare ring find one similar just with cd instead of ais. and add cc to your zuni pox.

the next step would be getting a weapon similar to what u have just with a socket that will be a bit more money.

ok first i would suggest getting the zuni 4 piece bonus u have the helm and chest. so either get a zuni pox or zuni mojo and get zuni boots as well.

ur rings u want to get cc and cc on them with int and av damage if u could.

u basically want for dps : cc/cd/int on all ur gear that can have it

for ehp: int/vit/life%/armor/all resist

id say to get up around mp5 you want about:

450+ all resist
3000 armor

drop peirce the veil its to hard to use if ur not well geared and it just wont benefit u right now.

pick up radius is a good thing to have on atleast 1 peice of gear.

get a witching hour for ur belt as well.
@evolution thanks very helpful answer. i just have a few questions more. those steps will be my first, i will get a 5+ cc on zuni's vision.
whats the max ais i should be aiming for, so i don't have to get any "mana" passive like blood ritual etc, i read somewhere 1.63-1.65?
also in the long run i will switch the thing of the deep off hand for seprant, i think thats the right move right? so where should i be aiming for to get more PUR? crafted shoulders myb donno. i am trying to craft a nice one, i have a ok one atm, but i spend like 120-150 crafts and i can't get a better one, even through mine are not that good. i already have i think very good bracers with a litle PUR.
ais is tricky i personally only use 1 piece of gear with ais on it (witching hour) my aps is 1.51 and i still use br i prob dont need it and could put something else there but for them persky elites with kock back or kiting it still comes in handy. imo id say anything about 1.6 aps id use br unless ur using a totd and gf. but realisticly if ur farming act 1 fields runs u could prob run 1.65-1.7 without br and be fine. i missed the pur on ur bracers earlier thats not a bad place to start. i personally like 10 yards of pur at min but 5 will work out. with 1 hand and mojo id say anything more than 2 peices of ais gear is going to be tough unless ur running a very well geared doc.
I just got a nice weapon, what do I need to upgrade the most? In order of highest priority

1. craft ammy, shoulders and bracers.
2. get pants with higher armor (u may lose armor using a crafted shoulders)
3. better zuni boots with all resist. (+ armor or + extra vital roll)
3. upgrade your pox to get some crit chance when you have gold.
4. more CC on zuni helm, better gems,
No love to 0 pileon doc?
There will be no knockback anymore in xpac..


Man nice work on this thread bud, you have helped a lot of new WD's here.

keep up the great advice and suggestions.

Luff I give your advice 10/10, but your WD gets a 0/10 :P

I upgraded some stuff, I think I should be able to farm good now, but I still only have 36k hp

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