ww weapon questions

I know this info is around but I can't find it. I am new to barb and would like to build a good ww wotb for farming. I am not sure what transfers for weapons as far as main or off hand. Should I get life steal on both or just main hand? What about loh on off hand? And should I get crit damage on both hands?

If you like you can look at my current setup and make suggestions. I put together a budget build using a lot of stuff I already have. I know nat's is not common on this build, but the extra crit has to be good no? I will have to give up str on boots though using nats boots and ring.

I will likely end up replacing almost everything I currently have with about 1.5B budget.
With 1.5B you should be able to easily experience farm in mp10. Here is a guide that covers gear.

Definitely replace your nats boots and ring with barb oriented gear.
Buy trifecta IK gloves if you can't craft trifecta archon gloves.
Buy vit/all res lacunis because you would need 6 attack speed slots with your weapons
Craft better shoulders
Buy IK helm with 12% life and high all res
Replace both rings with rare trifecta rings
Buy IK boots or high str and 12% life IC boots (no movement speed since you already have inna pants and lacunis)

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