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previous one reached its posting limit.

All around very solid, I don't see any real weak spots. Might want to look for a bit more Vit from your shoulders (craft some Vit shoulders) and chest (new IK with more Vit).
Keep crafting amulets, perhaps?
nice S&B! i'd say 8/10, maybe try to fit in some mroe CD somewhere? (marq emerald in weap?)
not to knowledgeable on S&B builds but it looks fun!
Wow lets just say I rate ogstaxx at Jealous/10 lol! Granted I'm a noob and really don't have much knowledge yet but your guy looks like my guy x 10 maybe?!

Hope I can score at least a 5/10 haha. But be honest guys I need to improve!
Risenzealot: 6 of 10 - Rating based on your level of barb. Missing some essential stuff.

You can outcraft Vile Wards. Pretty easily. You have too low of HP for my taste. Great all Resistance. Pretty decent roll on the bracers. Need some vit in there, and a tad more strength. Try for that lucky 6crit roll :D. You have 12 movement speed. You need 24, no questions asked.

So get more Vit
Get more movement speed
Craft shoulders

Otherwise your lookin pretty good for your level of Barb!
Codey, 12/10, what could I possibly say to that crazy setup...

I have no idea what I'm doing here...
@mikschu: 8/10, Pretty nice. I would swap weapon positions and maybe replace the thrasher ring with a unity, not bad for the IAS though.

Prolly start by replacing the Seekers with ik boots, or ice climbers. get a lot more ehp out of either, and some sizeable dps. replace the pants too. if you're looking to survive more try blackthorn'es jousting, or for dps inna's pants. could buyout both boots and pants for less than 1 mil with improvements to both i'd reckon
Interesting choices in gear. You really need to work on your health and CD for starters. Weapons seem decent enough but there is far better. Overall 5/10, very squishy.
@ Noshi

You have some nice stuff, overall 8.5/10... If I were you the only thing that stands out as immediately upgradable are your weapons... your off hand is pretty good but surprised at your main hand given the obvious thought that went into your other gear... still pretty jealous of a few of your items gj

If i were you id upgrade your helm for the boosted crit and maybe gloves and SOJ ring with cold but thats all gunna be literally worthless once loot 2.0 comes so dont stress
7/10 good barb

6/10 average barb

been back from months of lay low, non rmah barb here is my gear good enough as months past by?
Thank you for the input on my gear. In defense of my weapons choice, I've tried many combos from Skorn to EF, etc. and you would be surprised at what these weapons can dish out. Love the EF but I could no longer stand the fear, get a lot more killing done when the mobs stay put.
I got the need, the need for speed. Works well for my play style.
I like it its pretty goo I will give 7.5/10 as a suggestion you might use innas pants, I think you can still survive, also you are using one of the hardest builds to farm. You need dps and high eps, and you did well :)
@ Planet
Nothing to say you know your stuff lol. Gratz on green status... I've never done this but I will put myself out there for rating, tear me up
@Pelly - Nice barb man. 9/10.

Everything is well balanced and the only way to get much higher dps would be to spend significant money. Your left ring, although a trifecta, could get much better with either higher str or avg. damage. But otherwise, nice barb!
Mlp bit hard to rate with no gear on lol
@Golfnut nice rend build. I wanna make one too for fast low mp grinding. 8/10
@beeotch, idk what to say cuz you dont have any gear 0o!!!! but i can assume it was kick !@#

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