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kowpye not bad at all if you ask me, maybe try to craft some better shoulders with more str and AR and a ammy with more str?

at work right now so i can't check where your at for BPs but if your only one slot away from the next one maybe look into that as well?
looking really good ogstaxx.....
Thanks Ogstaxx! Add me to friends if you like - i'm always looking to get better and learn more! kowpye#1998
oh yeah u needs upgrades bro ....
and i need better gems !

Yeah, but what should i do?
@AcldRaln haha!~xD .... sorry! :)
@stormmyth Try to get better boots preferably ice climbers with 12% movement speed and get more vit with you ik chest. Rings can use some improvement. 5/10
09/11/2013 06:31 PMPosted by stormmyth
@AcldRaln haha!~xD .... sorry! :)

....thanks... still no help
Ogstaxx - what would you suggest i do as far as my ammy?
@kow, if able, I'd go double vit chest and re-roll a str ammy until you get something decent, you're missing a ton of STR possibility with that ammy...
^^^^ what deth said....also...deth...straight killing it bro
@ogstaxx HP looking good, I think 60k hp is a very good spot. overall nice barb. I don't think I'm in a good position to rate since I'm still learning Barb, less than 200 hrs wont be enough.

Looking actually for an advise on how to generate more WW?! do I have to get a sword?! meaning more AS or what should I get instead?!
Now I understand sword will lower my DPS but is worth it or should I stick with my current AXE

Thanks in advance :)
@ Kintaro, thats one sexy barb you got there. Quite jealous of afew of your crafted pieces

+ your dps is very high with a SOJ (perhaps get a cold Hota one next)
- ehp seems abit low , 2.8% lifesteal might be cause abit of trouble with some affixes mp10.
-both rings on your profile seem a little out of place given your other gears. Im sure you have a gg trifecta hiding somewhere in your stash

8/10 overall

about breakpoints, have a look at this link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8796270684

For ww, a faster offhand is optimal. But that axe looks like it could make a good main hand wep due to its high wep damage. For now, I would switch your weapons (EF in offhand). I am not a big fan of the fear on EF so my recommendation would be to scrap the EF and get a sword 1100dps 100 str 50%+ crit with socket and lifesteal. The stack more attack speed in your other slots just enough to reach the 2.5 breakpoint buffed

im no expert on skills n stuff. Heck half the Acronyms ppl use here i dont even understand (SnB, EF, CC, AS, etc.). I could use some advise myself.

Firstly, i would suggest getting rid of that god awful Andariel's visage. Even if it had strength at 154, i wouldn't want it on my head (and yours is dex). Overall all your items need to be upgraded badly. If u are willing to put in the time to find deals on the AH, you can get so much better equipment for under 5 mil. If your problem is gold, then i cant help ya as it is my problem also (i need better gems! but cant afford the price).

p.s - if anyone knows how to make gold without resorting to trading gems i'd be much obliged.
p.s.s - dont say go farm, cuz thats what im doing and it is so god awfully slow.
09/12/2013 12:22 AMPosted by Vale
p.s - if anyone knows how to make gold without resorting to trading gems i'd be much obliged.

flipping, takes time and patience and knowing what's good item and price, got a good SoJ for 120m worth about 400m yesterday for instance (I plan on using, not flipping this bad boy)
@AcIdRaIn sorry m8! just play some more and you will get there ..

@Aeigus Nice barb 4/5 ;)
Nice barb 7.5/10 but im not really a ww guy
@Golfnut - very well geared barb, 9/10

only thing i can say is maybe change the skorn to a LS one, and that will free up your bloodthirst passive.
i just started playing this game again after only playing a short while when it first came out with the WD and then switched to Wiz; I never really got too technical into playing, i kinda just played for fun, and then I had a friend play for me with my WD and he got me a bunch of cool legendary stuff that I had for sale on auction house but im willing to trade for some decent barb gear.. I know im only a low level; but for what im doing now whats the best combination of skills i can use that i have unlocked for this playthrough?
I know i have a lot of forum posts to read coming up so i can catch up on this game again but thanks for the help anyway
@Gladiator - your bar looks really nice , 9/10

a little more DPS will make your run become faster and easier
@TamTH thanks for the info man, your barb looking good tho, we should team up. I do have nice rings in my stash, so basically that HF ring is to help me out leveling and the soj to slow down the mobs when I use EF as a main. But in normal cases I use the axe as main and EF as offhand, you right in Mp10 2.8LS is low but I'm all good till I face a reflect E which I switch my main with my other LS axe. When I reach P100 I'll use the hp gem in my mempo and use the rings that should put me at 60ish k hp, trying to get my RA to 600 while maintaining the dps ( hard I know ) that's why I need to craft better items lol. Trying to snap a good sword but it's taking a while now.

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