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Good afternoon monks,
I wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My main is a WD, and I've got a decent Barb and Wiz, but have been wanting to give the Monk a try for a while now. I just leveled a monk last night and bought some intro gear. I've been flipping through the forums looking into the different builds.

Am I correct in thinking that most builds can be played with similar gear? This being get CC/CD/IAS etc wherever affordable, a big avg dmg main hand, and EF off hand?

I literally bought all the gear I'm wearing last night in about 30 mins, so it's nothing impressive, but are there any glaring mistakes in how I went about it (besides just wanting more of everything)?

I don't know if cheap mempo (not gonna buy 5-6CC at this point), or the Inna's helm thing (sorry, again, new to monk) is the way to go. I got this mempo cheap so it can resell for no gold lost.

Finally do you guys have a suggestion for a first build to try? I'm looking to mostly be farming EXP, but not necessarily just trash killing. Getting stacks, and killing elites as I come across them is definitely something I'll be doing.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to learning the ways of the Monk
Honestly your best bet for exp farming is to find a good barb or 2 to run with and clear fields of misery with them.

That's what i do for exp.

When i'm solo though i spec cookie cutter (like i am now) and essence farm face melting mp10 rares for essences.

If you're wanting to drop some bells and do damage that way, i suggest "way of the hundred fist" with the rune to do damage over time

the monk heal with the "on heal your spirit generators get an extra X spirit per attack"

and the bells that stun on crit.

Pretty much what you do at that point is auto attack get a bunch of mobs in a row dotted up, pop your heal and for 5 seconds you have infinite spirit and can just dong everybody to death.

/sips coffee
09/05/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Bonefish
Am I correct in thinking that most builds can be played with similar gear? This being get CC/CD/IAS etc wherever affordable, a big avg dmg main hand, and EF off hand?

The main thing to know here is that most Monk skills alternate which hand is active and use the active hand for determining damage. Even things like Sweeping Winds, MoE:Backlash, and MoC:Submission dynamically check which hand is active and do damage according to that hand's DPS.

Only Wave of Light and Cyclone Strike always use main hand damage.

The upshot is that unless you're going for a very WoL intensive build like Nirvana, it's approximately correct to just worry about total DPS giving a slight preference to main hand damage. Anyway, if you wanted to try a Nirvana build, you've picked pretty much exactly the right setup for that anyway - you'd probably just chuck a ruby in that MH.

There's a number of builds that use Tempest Rush that really require a two handed weapon. (or at a minimum a shield and a 1.2 attack speed weapon to kinda do them half-assed).

Generally though, you've geared up pretty well to try any dual-wield build out there. You may ultimately find that you'd prefer dual-life steal or more AR if you like the stand-there-and-keep-punching style of play. You may find the EF fear too annoying as well. But, there's nothing glaringly horrible in your gear.
Thanks for the feedback.
The tempest rush builds aren't really too appealing to me so I think I'll be sticking with dual-wielding. I haven't used an EF before so will have to see how annoying this fear becomes. May need to make a low fear chance a priority. The heaving hitting bells looks like fun and that's what I'm working with for now, but good to be reminded that certain attacks switch active weapons and others just use mainhand. I'll do some experimenting, get some paragon levels, upgrade a few gears, and see you guys on the battlefield.
welcome to the Monk village, Fishbone.
stay awhile and listen. >:D
Welcome to the monkdom bonefish ! you are in good hands :)
"Welcome, friend!" in best female goblin accent.
Thanks for the welcomes. I spent a few hours on the Monk last night and am starting to get the hang of his skills. Definitely haven't settled on a build yet.

For those of you who regularly run MP10, what kind of base stats do you find to be the necessary minimum once you know what you're doing (AR, Armor, HP, DPS)?

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