Upgrade advice, please.


Here is my profile. I haven't played in many months, and therefore have no idea what the economy is like. I don't even remember how much gold I have, to be honest. But, what would be the first item I should look to replace to help with my experience farming.
Also, is it better to have 2 Fury attacks, like WW and HotA, or keep Bash (or another Fury generator)?
You have a couple things you could do. You only have 12% speed, so get some movement speed on boots. I would think this to be the biggest priority for you since you're WW. I would also ditch that hellfire ring for a Cold SOJ as your EF has a high fear proc. I would look to start balancing out your gear a little more. Consider getting a life steal weapon to replace bloodthirst. Your vitality is low, I would start trying to work more in and get closer to 50k. Also, pickup shoulders with AR. But for now I think movement speed boots is your first priority.
I haven't played in months. What are some other mods on boots I should look at? Also, if my purpose is to fsrm exp quickly, would the SoJ offset the extra exp gsin from the hellfire?
Also, would it br wise to drop thr exp gem from my helm?
I am on my phone so I can't look at your gear. But, I did miss that you said experience farming. I'm a fan of Cold Soj, they help slow your enemies down. Which also helps with the fear proc from EF's. a SOJ will not off set the experience but it will greatly increase your tdps against elites.
I personally would put a vitality gem in my helm if I had the same gear. I don't know what mp level you run but I'm sure you can figure your comfort mp level to run. Higher mp levels will off set the loss of your ruby in your helm. 50k+ life will keep you from getting one shot by enemies in mp10.
I recommended the boots because if I remember right you were already hitting a Breakpoint. So if you got inna's pants than you would have to rid yourself of IAS somewhere else. Which means that you would be changing out more than just one piece of gear just to get 24% MS. I would say try IK boots, you can get high vitality on it as well. You also get the 3 set bonus of 4% melee reduction. I know a lot of people are running around in Zuni trails, but I think you would get more benefit from IK.

I can help you if you want. Feel free to send me a friend request and I'll see what I can help you with.
Cool, thanks man. Ive been in the middle of moving so I dont have my machine hooked up yet. Right now, diabro3.com says I can do mp6 comfortably. I would like to get to at least 8 without changing too many pieces. Im worried about a domino effect happening lol.
Let me clarify that I'm not handing out gear just knowledge. I can help guide you in upgrading and AH strategy :)
No worries, I never ask or expect hand-me-outs, lol. A little advice and direction is all I ever look for. How is the economy on EFs and other one handed weapons (that could be upgrades from mine)? Still in the hundreds of millions range?
What sort of budget/changes would I need to be able to up to MP10? I know it can reach the billions, but if I just want to do it efficiently, what would be the minimum?
You can get reasonably cheap EH in the auction house, just have to look.
Have to pardon the ignorance, but what is EH?
My idea of running mp10 efficiently is being able to clear all acts, all elites, all bosses, and even ubers. And everything is budget dependent but we can talk more in game.

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