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I know a lot of people enjoy writing things inspired by the Diablo series and it's lore, but from what I've seen, they'll make up characters and lines etc. while trying to maintain the feel of the story. My question is however, are we able to freely use the actual characters and what they say in the games when writing so long as it's noted that the copyright belongs to Blizzard Entertainment?

To give an example, the general idea of what I wanted to write (and if it's needed to be said, I am not a paid writer/author), is pretty much a first person story from the PoV of one of the classes, split into the actual acts. In addition, if I were to put the effort into writing such a piece, it wouldn't be made into a book and physically published, but rather published on DeviantArt.

Anyhow, thanks for your time.
Splitting my free time between playing console D3 and writing other pieces unrelated to the game while I await an answer. On the bright side, these particular forums aren't active enough for me to have to "bump" the thread really.

Good luck to any readers who happen to be working on fan art pieces, or are playing the game(s). =D
as far as I know:

if you aren't making any money from the material, and you're not publishing the material on a portal you charge for, then it's considered fair use.

ie, as far as I know, if you're not making money from it you can do anything you want with the content.
Creative commons, which doesn't involve any profit off a piece of intellectual property(IP), especially fan works, is generally okay. Not many organizations are that up tight about fan-art, unless it's being stolen from someone else or from the IP holders.

If it becomes an art piece or a piece of writing someone wants to buy, you'd have to get a license to the IP (through the publishers) and pay a percentage to the copyright holders as defined by their copyrights involving any publishing of their material.

However an original work of art also gives you certain intellectual property rights that are legally unalienable, if you've got a good enough lawyer or understanding of general copyright practices. I.E You made an awesome battle scene of demons and characters from Diablo, for example. Someone wants to buy it off you as a print from say, Deviant Art. Technically, you could. But.. well to make this short there's a lot of technicalities that say you could, but you couldn't at the same time.

But right now, I'd say you're fine, just doing some fan writing.
09/23/2013 07:17 PMPosted by NexussFire
But.. well to make this short there's a lot of technicalities that say you could, but you couldn't at the same time.

This is pretty much my concern, though I know Blizzard tends to let things happen with fan art. Either way, thank you for the responses.

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