What's Your Highest Level Character?

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Paragon 100 monk, 1,000 hours , his name is Colt.. heh

I made my move, Your turn Blizzard !
My monk is waiting for your pre-patch.
My Demon Hunter Shadow was my first hero just under 1k hours i got her to para 74, then rolled Mojo my Witch Doctor who was my first para 100 hero with 50k elite kill's. Then i rolled Stryker my Barb i got him to para 100, Then i started a selffound barb "ironborn' but since the new's of RoS Stryker lent his Furry moneybox his gear =)
got two paragon 100 hardcore characters, but the first is my favorite. lost my first WD to unfortunate circumstances, and my significant other convinced me to reroll lol. its silly but i named her after her, and got her to 100. made a new WD since but the first will always be my main (340 hours into it haha)

still love WD, still with the same gal
DH (main) P100
Barb P100
WD P100
Wiz P89 , Monk P66 (dislike both)

Now working on new DH,Barb and WD. All around P30.

Veteran DH name Cameo. Spent more than 1300 hrs on DH and total 3100 hrs spent.
I have a paragon 100 SC DH. I sold everything at the RMAH along the way and got to 100 easily with some pretty bad gear. I made a bit of money, but the real money aspect kinda ruined SC for me. I was really bored with the game and didn't want to be. I wanted something more thrilling that you had to earn.

So I started my HC monk, and never looked back. After a death to a power outage on my first monk, I made it too paragon 100 with my 2nd.

Also... just 1 unique monster away from finishing A Unique Collection, which will be my final achievement :)))))

Looking forward to the patch and expansion!!
Halfway to 97 Paragon with my Monk. Over 1000 hours on him.
Witch Doctor (Paragon 100)
Almost 1500 hours playing time with him.
Name: DeathWisper

Link to my profile on EU Server: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bahamut-2801/hero/2096437

"Your death comes!"
i already reached P100 on all class and 2 barb, resulting 6 P100 so far. but counting elite kills/hours my main barb already already have 57k elites kill and 1150H playtime. I named him Kane.
on my EU account i have my

Hardcore Demon Hunter - Paragon Level 100 (270 hours played)

I love the class, the gameplay, the skills.
Imo the "hardest" class on hardcore, so i chose this from the beginning
But to be honest, this class needs more love from blizzard. ;)
I play on US servers my favourite character is Monk I am para100 on it and have 711 hours played so far. Monk is my favourite because of two of its play styles TR (which is great because of mobility but lame on higher mp levels) and dual wield which is good at all mp levels but not nearly as mobile.
What's your highest level character? Tell us a bit about them – What class are they? What's their name? How long have you been playing them?

@Vaeflare, sup?

I got a Barbarian that's Paragon 100 who I played in the beginning of my D3 career where I got to know the game very well and quickly noticed that softcore is rather less fun then the hardcore mode which made me switch over right after patch 1.0.5 was released. Now I have a Monk whose leveled paragon 100 on the Hardcore side of things and is my most favorite character :) These days I have him retired in the Himalayan mountains in an Monks temple teaching spiritual guideness to anyone that seeks him out for it :)

I have a paragon 100 SC DH. I sold everything at the RMAH along the way and got to 100 easily with some pretty bad gear. I made a bit of money, but the real money aspect kinda ruined SC for me. I was really bored with the game and didn't want to be. I wanted something more thrilling that you had to earn.

I have to agree. Hopefully the account bound items and paragon stat allocation will go some way towards feeling like you're achieving something by levelling & farming in SC. I find HC much more enjoyable, although my only surviving character is only paragon 16.
38 on my wizard, too lazy to pill up :)
p(100) Hardcore DH with close to 750 hours played. He is the first of my HC characters to make it to 60.
P100 WD 1550 hours (Stevecon) Played him solo for the first 200 hours.
The only class I haven't played to 60 is the barb.
DH - p36 my main character
WIZ - p38 my cousin playing
BARB - lvl 15 just wanted to see how good they can really tank lol :p

Me and my cousin plays alternately since i go to work, we have been playing for almost 1 month now and we are really enjoying the game so much. I have decided to create a Barbarian as I have been observing they can really tank a lot and would want to do it on MP10. My DH can only tank until MP5 and still dies a lot, my cousin's WIZ on MP4.

Only 1 comment I have been trying to craft the HF ring for almost 3 days now, I have been getting the same Realm of chaos and I now have 4 devil fang lol... I got lucky once getting Realm of discord but got nothing. I have been hunting these keys on MP5 as well and I am getting frustrated already affffff!!!!
Barbarian level paragon 100. 700 plus hours.

Monk level Paragon 51 (retired for now). 270 plus hours.

Barbarian level Paragon 58. Under 40 hours as of now.

I’m working on the second barbarian to get her to 100, then 2 to 3 more barbarians to level 100. I’d like to be ready when ROS is released. If I’m at account paragon 400 to 500 on release I’m happy

I can now hit paragon 100 in under 100 hours of playing time playing as a barbarian, which is nothing really.

I gain 130 millions experience per hour using a barbarian, monk is about 82 millions per hour. Hence he is retired for now.

Barbarian - same name as i used in LOD for my druid
Started Diablo 3 in a line at 1 o clock in a shop on may 15 - 2012
Played D3 for like 2k houers, started mp 10 a few monts ago like 4 or 5 dont remember exactly.
It wasent boring, or realy booring with the paragon lvl, but after 100 and after i have seen that the loot
has the same quality as in mp 0 i started to get realy boored.

Made 1 or 2 brakes for 1 or 2 months, now i am back, boored again, bad loot, acivs bugged, dont like the ather chars they are booring, except for the DH that looks nice as a female char.

Now i am planing anather bracke, sold all my gems, and hope that ROS its going to fix the game.

If not, ill make brakes after brakes, and maybe ill search for something else.

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