What's Your Highest Level Character?

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My Demon Hunter is P-100 a female named W. C. Fields More than 1500 hours
My Wizzie is at P-97 a female named Ed Norton. more than 600 hours.

All my other characters are from P6 to 30. I played a lot of hours. I'm retired and can spend the time.
Arcania is my Paragon 15 Wizard. She is Account Self-found therefore I have never bought any items from either auction house nor done any trading (except one item that lasted two normal levels).

Her challenge was to stand toe-to-toe with the monsters and extract gear that would give her equipment to survive Inferno. She defeated Diablo MP0 yesterday (after 1.5 years of play) and has progressed to Act 3 Mp1.

I have over 700 hours total and I believe she has about 280 hours.

Join the Diablo 3 Self-found League: contact SirRight#1618 via friend request and put "join SF".
That would be Skyrr, Lvl 60 Paragon 95. Wizard of course. chuckle. 1464 hours invested.
Tia, Level 60 Paragon 100. She's a DH, and the very first character I rolled at release. She is a reincarnation of Tia, level 13 DH from Beta. I have 988 hours in DH, though some of that will be time spent on her little brother, Emo.

I still consider her my main although I haven't played her in some time and my (much, much cheaper) fembarb, Atalanta, kicks her butt.
Level 57 Wizard.
Yeah, I'm super-duper casual.
I got my softcore barb up to paragon 66 when I stopped playing him. Mostly stopped because I moved to hardcore after the lack of economic fix (rollback) during the massive gold-dupe that occurred after a major patch. So it's been white a while since I've actively played on him.
1300+ hours on my male barb, leveling a female currently.

Played Seismic slam/hota for a bit, then WW/RLTW, then switched to Dual wielding HOTA. Then tried Skorn/HOTA/REND, then S&B.
S&B is prolly my favorite so far. (Seismic slam was great, the skill is just lacking in DPS)
my main monk is my highest character at p level 85 im thinking she will be 100 by the time the patch comes out lol , I hope just the most fun class for me to play.I think ill probably have a p level 100 crusader after the expansion comes out.
Whether you've been mercilessly slaughtering demons in Sanctuary since last year, or you've recently picked up a copy of Diablo III on [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10796013/the-hellgates-have-opened-on-console-9-3-2013"]PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360[/url], you've likely spent some quality time fighting back against the minions of the Burning Hells, and earning delicious experience for every fallen foe.

For our latest community question, we want to know:

What's your highest level character? Tell us a bit about them – What class are they? What's their name? How long have you been playing them?

Leave a comment below to let us know, or head over to our latest blog for more discussion: [url="https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10894704"]https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10894704[/url]

Class Type - Barbarian / Male
Name - Lorendo
Play Style - WW Barb / Or WW Rend (Hopefully to change come loot 2.0)
Play Duration - Approx 900 Hours
Level - Paragon 100 / LVL 60
monk/female -suziyana Para81- i love it more even if i got a para100 barb. haven't started on other characters yet.

playstyle- dashing strike (defensive) or exploding palm (offensive). mp10 only
monk/female -suziyana Para81- i love it more even if i got a para100 barb. haven't started on other characters yet.

playstyle- dashing strike (defensive) or exploding palm (offensive). mp10 only

interesting build, how do you survive MP10? i have a similar DPS monk that is only good for MP7.
My highest is a paragon 100 HC wizard named Echo, I hit para100 on her back in May and I've put over 300 hours into her.
not sure why you are even bothering to post this topic. its completely irrelevant in that your sysadmin or dbadmin can simply export everything out of the database and plot it as a nice pivot table of

player age
length played
paragon level
Marge is my barb.

which seemed like a good no-nonsense name.

has 1000+ hours run on her but a lot of that was before patch 1.0.4 and Paragon Levels so she's only just hit plvl 84. will probably stay like that for a while but will most likely roll her out when RoS appears since y'know.. new stuff.

playing the console version now. much more rewarding for the time spent.
My barb, Wiggysmash, is plvl 90. The others are useful for holding additional inventory.

He stolidly eschews prudent amounts of EHP. His hypnotizing whirling and swirling puts me at ease while listening to music or podcasts.
all those statistics are already known by blizz. dont see the point in this topic...

barb para100
P100 Female DH
Name: Aljan
700+ hours
Definitely my favorite and the most fun to play, I especially love when I put her strafe gear on and can just clear a whole screen without aiming, but only works up to about mp3.
For higher mp she uses a full nats set and facetanks the baddies with spiketraps and gloom.

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