What's Your Highest Level Character?

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Whether you've been mercilessly slaughtering demons in Sanctuary since last year, or you've recently picked up a copy of Diablo III on [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10796013/the-hellgates-have-opened-on-console-9-3-2013"]

What's your highest level character? Tell us a bit about them – What class are they? What's their name? How long have you been playing them?

I don't get it, don't you guys have those info in your database?
Wizard-melina (crush I had a long time ago)
was a archon/cm. She was a archon and got to p100 in early november. since then she was a cm. facing mp 10 even when i was undergeard. Eventually I was able to find items and now she is a 300 dps cm and 400 dps Archon wizard. I have a lot of fun steam rolling Mp 10. I have worked hard to earn it.

2364 wizard hours, 2 wizards one with 2233 hours, the other p98. Hardcore wiz died RIP ( I blame server lag)
333 witch doctor hours, 2 p100 and 1 p6.
181 Monk hours, p 18 ( not a fan of the monk)
433 Demon hunter hours, p 100
353 Barbarian hours, p 100
3600 hours total.
so much experience not recorded by the paragon system. I know people who have 4000 hours on just there barbarian as there solo character. (honeslty, Bliz if you really want to talk to the dedicated players that know the odds and ends of this game you have to friend them and talk to them in game. You don't have to tell them who you are. From my experience most don't go the to forums for support. This is my most recent post in months. )
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Cornilia my para100 barb is my highest. My goal was to create a char that could do mp10 different than the rest of the cookie cutter barbs out there. I think I accomplished my goal.
female critical mass wizard lvl 60 (para 49) named OoO lol around 171 hours, I was levelling my monk until the expansion news on unlimited para levels, I decided to aim at getting one high para char. I've spent a lot getting her stronger but mp8 is her limit
Id like to get 5 classes at para 100

lvl 60 p49 wizard named OoO 171 hours
lvl 60 p23 witch doctor named iborg 106 hours
lvl 60 p43 barb named MONSTERmash 96 hours
lvl 60 p24 monk named JimBeam 62 hours
All of my main chars are level 60, my highest ranking of them being paragon 100 for Ashton, my wizard... named after my grandson. Several thousand hours playing this one, my farmer, since May 15, 2k12 Then there are Ogg, Son of Ogg, my barb, HotShots my dh, Kung Fooey, my lame monk, and Ooga Booga, my wd. Each of these chars have a mule, all female (my chars are die-hard chauvinists lol) to carry their uniques, aka legs. Each of them also have a female counterpart played by my lovely wife and they are: Missy, the wizard, named in honor of our granddaughter, Org-Girl of Org, her barb, Aisooyootu, her monk, Hula-Boola, her wd, etc to all have fun together with.


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