Crit Chance Mempo Giveaway!

C'mon Jaetch, you're killing me! Who won ? :)
Hi Jaetch!

Was hoping to find out who won...checked in throughout the day...still wondering: did you already award it privately? Will we know who the winner is?

Saw lots of great ideas...would like to give gratz to the winner! :-)
GoSuPanda was the winner. I already touched base with him and handed him the Mempo.

So congrats to him for his nice theme build.
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Thanks for posting the winner, Jaetch!

CONGRATS GoSuPanda! Nice job with the Ice Queen! :-)

If you ever get sick of that Mempo, remember to give it back to Jaetch so we can do another contest for it!

Fun contest, Jaetch...thanks for the inspiration!

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