I love my new SOJ setup - What about yours?

My first barb setup was a high dps low ehp barb (365kdps 590kehp and after 5 month I re roll a high dps & high ehp (325kdps 1M EHP). With the new Xpac that come and the price of item that drop constantly I decide to sell some of my gear.

And :)

This is the best setup I ever had. 240Kdps with a SOJ, High EHP, 5.8LS...

my next upgrade going to be a 30% SOJ

stats from d3up fullbuff with no follower

DPS 735,302.13
tDPS 2,965,702.48
MH Tick Rate 10
OH Tick Rate 8.57
DPS vs Elites 941,186.72
tDPS vs Elites 3,796,099.17
EHP 838,204.33
EHP w/ Dodge 1,238,481.57

And I do a test for the fun... I always play with a Monk (Mantra of Conviction - Overawe),WD (Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance) and Wiz (Frost Nova - Bone Chill,Slow Time - Time Warp) so with all buff activated the number are huge.

DPS 1,243,234.64
tDPS 4,875,793.06
MH Tick Rate 10
OH Tick Rate 10
DPS vs Elites 1,591,340.33
tDPS vs Elites 6,241,015.12

The setup cost way less than my previous one and its more efficient and very fun to play.

Now lets see ur SOJ setup guys :)
No love for the SOJ

im sad guys hehe
Mine's not quite at the point I want him but close enough. This particular setup hits the 1.83 with the enchantress buff and group wise I drop to 1.67 by switching the pants out. I usually run with the same group setup (sometimes double monk, no wiz) and have quite a bit of trouble with perma-wrath without breaking away from the group.
We have pretty similar Dps, how do you fair with perma-wrath using DW in a group? I assume your group is well geared as well, mine is all 200k-250k range and stuff just dies way to fast. Was considering picking up alternate weapons for groups.
^^ I also try with a Skorn and I find this too slow... having trouble to keep WOTB

When I talk about DPS its always totally unbuffed... I have over 60kdps more than ur setup

I always play with a strong group... killing elite in 4-5 sec mp10 340kdps WIZ, 300kdps WD and 360kdps Monk

I never have trouble to keep WOTB ... im at 2.80 AS

Try a DW setup ;) u will have less trouble to keep ur WOTB


I am glad to see you have matured mate as a player. I do remember when you bragged about your high DPS and got hammered for it.

Nice setup and well done.

I use two SOJ one cold 6/15/30 farming and a 6/14/30 -3 HOTA for ubers

Basically given up doing anymore upgrades though.
You should get a - 5 hota SOJ and see the light.
09/08/2013 03:55 PMPosted by FrontSquats
You should get a - 5 hota SOJ and see the light.

Would love to but cost of those are so ridiculous and as xpac is in the wind, don't really want to upgrade anymore other than craft.
@YDFWM yeah no more trolling for me lol but that was entertaining lol

and thx for the comment ;)

@FrontSquats yeah -5 hota is a must :)
Just got a new rare ring... stats are a little bit better :)

DPS 739,618.6
tDPS 2,969,923.64
MH Tick Rate 10
OH Tick Rate 8.57
DPS vs Elites 946,711.8
tDPS vs Elites 3,801,502.26
I've been using an soj with 6% cold damage and -5 hota. It just has 23% elites damage bonus but it still works like magic for me. It's my rare ring that I wish I can upgrade but I haven't picked up anything worth much to help buy an upgrade for my rare ring.
cant plug my stats in through my phone. anyone care to plug them in for me? :)
SOJ is a no-brainer must have.
Currently running nat set for some testing ;)
I love my SoJ. Crowd control, bonus elite damage, HotA spam...it helps me in so many different ways. If I had to give away every piece of my gear except one, my SoJ would be the piece I would keep.
09/08/2013 08:30 PMPosted by RAiN
cant plug my stats in through my phone. anyone care to plug them in for me? :)

Nice stats ;)


Full buff

DPS 757,105.68
tDPS 2,908,711.54
DPS vs Elites 1,025,787.35
tDPS vs Elites 3,940,955.09
DPS vs Demons 954,256
tDPS vs Demons 3,666,140.02
DPS vs Elite+Demon 1,152,972.96
tDPS vs Elite+Demon 4,429,587.35
DPS vs Demons 954,256
tDPS vs Demons 3,666,140.02
EHP 624,525.77
EHP w/ Dodge 896,534.27

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