Build help?

I just made my barb, but i've had one before.

I don't like WW at all. I just find it extremely boring.

I would like to use Skorn as my weapon. What builds that are very effective on MP10 could i use?
The build you currently have on your Barb would function perfectly well in MP10, assuming you have the right kind of gear. HotA and Rend are both fantastic attacking skills to use with a Skorn.

Personally, I'd run with a Lifesteal Skorn so I could replace Bloodthirst with Brawler for a huge damage boost. I'd also consider swapping out Overpower or Bash for Sprint to make my runs faster. Ultimately, however, both of these decisions are up to you.

It's kind of hard to give you any other advice, since you didn't mention your budget and your Barb is completely naked! If you give me a little more information, I'll be able to offer more specific recommendations.

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