So the Necromancer in RoS will be...

Lore and Story
Probably Zayl...

Don't know this Zayl as I haven't read any Diablo books. But he is more fitting to appear in RoS by the sheer fact that he is 'named'. I hoped for the Necromancer from the D2 but it might be weird for some to introduce him and name like it was did with Aidan. In my opinion it's good to name chcaracter, it's more fitting. Perhaps the D2 Necro could be named The Great Necromancer, Arch Necromancer or whatever but I would prefer him to appear instead of Zayl.
Yup. I yelled when I was reading the summary. Really excited. If you read the novels you would be too.
I read somewhere the he was going to be an unnamed necromancer... Might be wrong, though.
Some of the hints they dropped at Gamescom made it sound like it would be Methan from Act 2, but it would just as equally mean it to be Zayl. I hope it's Zayl. I really enjoyed the Kingdom of Shadow and Moon of the Spider and would love to see what he's been up to.

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