Best place to get NV stacks for ubering?

Witch Doctor
So, this WD, myself (playing barb at the time), and my monk friend were planning to uber on mp10. I usually go festering woods as it's a fairly small map with guaranteed 3NV and often 5NV. Myself and monk ran to look for elites to get the NVs ASAP, ignoring trash mob. This WD couldn't keep up, and got trapped by trash mobs and died a few times. He then left, saying festering woods is the worst map to get quick NVs, and only scrubs go to festering woods to get NVs. I don't know about you guys, but I always thought festering woods is the best place to start, and I've ubered heaps. Is this guys just mad or is festering woods a bad map for WD in general? Just wanting to get a consensus from the WD community as this guy might read up on this topic and realise how wrong he was. I didn't feel like arguing with him. After he left my monk friend and I got all 5NV stacks in festering woods. Thoughts?
I always start my Act I runs with Festering Woods.

The WD you were with was talking smack.
If I was the WD in question I'd just sit in town until one of you engages a pack, then port on.

The thing is, when you run through trash it won't follow you, a good majority of it will move back towards the rest of group who are following you, and outside of SW / SH / Horrify a WD doesn't have many options (all having cooldowns), plus if you are lucky to get the ghosts who cast that snare, is GG you either stop and nuke some stuff to get HP back / refresh CD's, or you will die from taking damage from an increasing number of mobs.

There is nothing wrong with the map, a WD geared for mp10 can do any map in A1 solo in a group w/o breaking a sweat as far as trash goes. Since you were planning on doing ubers, the WD didn't had pestilence slotted (why on earth would he use it for ubers run) which also provides a good LS due to it's mechanics and spread, so WD could keept running as his life would regen.
One quick circle around Festering Woods can provide 3-5 NV. If still not enough, Leoric's will get the 5th NV. Port to town for Ubers. Split up to find KW and flag the player who finds KW first.

Short and sweet runs, although it should be "common understanding" that each player comes into the game with an infernal machine.

When we do any carry runs, we'll get the baby to stay in town and port in during elite fights. Even if he dies nearby, he still gets the NV and the Uber organs.

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