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Hello my fellow WDs

I have been using COB for awhile now i have read most if not all the threads relating to COB mechanics and not to my suprise i have completely confused myself. (Again!!!)

I use 1H + Mojo and am aiming for a slightly higher AIS COB build so my question is purely related to wasted damage

To my understanding ideal wastage is:


x - is a number between 1 - 9
y - 0 or 1?
z - closest to 1 is best but not 0

As seen above i believe my main problem in determining ideal AIS is the coefficient of y. I got confused trying to determine whether 0 or 1 would be better for 'y' due to the 1001% weapon calculation at 5 ticks.

Please let me know if i have just confused myself royally and gotten it all wrong!! (not suprised if i have)

N.B I have based all my calculations off 1.3999999999999999 <----- MCK with a spreadsheet detailing AIS increase on weop from 0 to 11 and also gear AIS from 0 to 44 lol
To my understanding ideal wastage is:1.xyzwhere:x - is a number between 1 - 9 y - 0 or 1?z - closest to 1 is best but not 0

There are 2 steps to calculating CoB, the first step is about wasted damage.

Step 1:
If you have the means to do detailed calculations, focus on the 3rd decimal place.
y=0, z=1.

Practically in the game, we may not get item combinations that provide the optimum results at the 3rd decimal place, therefore players without the means to perform detailed calculations should focus on the 2nd decimal place when looking at your sheet APS.

Step 2:
Look at the table of APS brackets to determine your us frequency and mana consumption. The tick frequency will allow us to calculate the CoB DPS.

I will go through 1 complete example
I want to use the MCK knife, and I am considering 3 pieces of IAS gear to push up my DPS, while maintaining suitable mana management.

I decided to choose between 22% IAS or 23% IAS.

Points to consider at Step 1 of CoB Mechanics

For a total of 22% IAS on gear, my APS = 1.22 x 1.3999999 = 1.708 (excellent)
For a total of 23% IAS on gear, my APS = 1.23 x 1.3999999 = 1.722 (good, but not ideal)

If I activate BBV,

22% IAS on gear, my BBV-APS = 1.42 x 1.3999999 = 1.988 (terrible)
23% IAS on gear, my BBV-APS = 1.43 x 1.3999999 = 2.002 (excellent, ideal!)

Points to consider at Step 2 of CoB Mechanics

aps - frames per tick - frequency - channeling cost per sec
1.66667-1.76470 aps - 17 frames - 3.53 ticks - 117 mana
1.76471-1.87500 aps - 16 frames - 3.75 ticks - 124 mana
1.87501-2.00000 aps - 15 frames - 4.00 ticks - 132 mana
2.00001-2.14285 aps - 14 frames - 4.29 ticks - 142 mana

The APS bracket is 1.66667 to 1.76470. Within this APS range, 1.701 will provide the highest DPS, so that makes 22% IAS on gear optimum for normal situations.

However, for 22% IAS on gear, BBV will push the APS to 1.988, punching 2 APS brackets only, and resulting in near-max wastage. Whereas for 23% IAS on gear, BBV brings the APS to 2.002, punching 3 APS brackets and has near-zero wastage. 23% IAS on gear becomes optimum when BBV is activated.

Sidenote: There are many combinations in weapon selection and %IAS on gear. Each has its unique points of consideration. There is also 27% IAS (also 3 pieces of IAS gear), where MCK APS becomes 1.27 x 1.3999999 = 1.778, which has higher wastage, but goes into a higher DPS bracket. The spreadsheet will have to calculate if the Intel, CHC, CHD, etc stats to gear at 27% IAS can actually provide higher DPS (off-topic here).


Sheet DPS gives misleading bragging rights - 1.701 APS is the highest CoB DPS for the 1.66667-1.76470 APS bracket, regardless of what the character sheet says. We really want to consider the gear and skill synergy. What type of buffs can be stacked, and how each buff may affect the balance of DPS, mitigation, and mana management. 1Handers often find some trade-off, especially when considering PTV (mana consumption) and BBV (messes up the APS for all 1H weapons).

There's a separate thread for 2Handers at 1.31 APS (off-topic here).
Thanks Paul! Now do some number scanning and find that magically number

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