Best WD build for group para farming?

Witch Doctor
So I have been away from Diablo for a while now so I have no idea which builds are good for what anymore. I always played cm wiz but figure i can use at least some of my gear for WD. What is the best build to level paragon in group setting? Keep in mind that I'll need a helm with socket for XP.
My $0.02...

If you are solely looking to help a group while you far, 0 dogs is the best all around booster. It will help keep teammates alive and using their source spells (assuming they have something that adds back when health globes are picked up).

Also, once you get to the higher monster powers, adding XP really isnt necessary. The difference is minimal. (Is 1040% really that much better than 985%?) Personally, I'd rather have the life % bonus.

That said, 0 dogs is expensive. With CoB builds you can definitely #*(% some $#!& up, especially non-ranged elites. I think it all comes down to play-style preference. 0 dogs is like the WD version of CM, IMO.

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