Gear Help for a new Wiz. NOOB

First time Gearing up a Wizard. Just got to 60 and I got a 1 bil budget. Any Item and skill advice would be great. You can also add me in game if you feel like helping. I would appreciate it and also would consider paying for someone to help me a great deal.

You can add me in game if you like: Bi1sonX#1252
Check out the build compendium stickied at the top of the wizard forums and figure out which build you would like to run since each has different gearing requirements... no use purchasing gear for a build you won't use right?

The two most popular builds are SNS (permafreeze) or Archon. There are other viable builds, but they generally aren't efficient as these for whatever price.
Ok that helps. I think the SNS would be the one I would want. I will look at the sticky as well.

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