Lower drop rates in inferno.

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So, everyone has felt the joy of levelling a character so far and amassing a huge amount of legendaries. From the beginning of to normal till the end of hell I found around 75 legendaries. I wasn't farming or repeating areas that much I basically played all the way through checking out the optional caves etc..

My current weapon that I'm using for inferno actually dropped in act 4 hell, a 1748 dmg messerschmidts with 600+ dex and 150% crit dmg, AMAZING!

Now here's the issue I'm having, I played through all of inferno yesterday, doing optional caves still and what not and I got 2 set items 2 legendaries and one legendary plan, 5 items for an entire playthrough.

And you know it just doesn't seem right to repeatedly kill a champ or rare pack and get just gold or a tome of secrets, when in hell and lower I was having items drop off nearly every elite pack.

Anyone else feeling the same way about drop rates once you hit inferno? I'm going to try and do hell whimsy shire and see if there's an increase in drops, and if there isn't maybe it's a level 60 thing.
I was playing earlier on my ps3, did act 3 hell got 5 legendary items, then did act 3 inferno got 1 legendary. but i'm also not geared that great to to solo mp inferno or anything yet.
Ya they are certainly lower (PS3) I play Inferno Master 1 got 346 MF and I can go 2-3 farming runs without getting any legendary drops.

In fact my luck is just bee horrible for drops last couple days I feel like I'm playing the PC version again lol. Not sure if it's just bad luck with RNG or ninja lowered rates hotfixed in :P

I'm going on my fourth Act III run of the day and still no leg drop yet doing the following run. Keep Depths lvl 2,3, Fields of Slaughter + Cave. Then Stonefort.

* Guess my 4th run was the charm just got me a nice Blackthorne Surcoat drop for my Wiz with 3 open sockets, 177 Intel, 273 Vit, 84 res to all, pickup increase 7 yards and -4% damage from ranged attacks.

Also found my first yellow Trifecta gloves 254 Armor, 177 int, 163 vit, 7% Attack Speed, 34% Crit Damage, 6.5% Crit Chance. Was pleasantly surprised by this drop was beginning to wonder if trifecta items were inthe game lol.
I will update later today too in regards to hell runs I'm going to test. I'm hoping its just RNG though because you really get used to all the drops while levelling.
Pretty sure it's good ol RNG:) I did an act 1 farm (crypts/fields/whimsy) and I went for a dry spell til I hit whimsy. Got a wand upgrade putting me to 450k off a white mob, then 10 secs later off a champ pack, I got TWO legends. A 1000ish spectrum sword and gladiators gauntlets.

There is loot to be had brother.
450K DPS Wiz very nice. My Wiz is only 210k dps can't wait til I can get him up there to the 450k area hehe. I really need to find me a good wand with an open socket..
If you're on Xbox, my old wand has a socket. It blew me away until I found this one.
Na I'm on ps3 but thanks. I'd rather grind for one anyways feels more rewarding then trading for one. I did too much AH gear buying on PC and it really ruins the loot grind thrill of the upgrade hunt.
RNG is random... Some times I go two hours without finding anything, then I four or five in an hour and as well as get two on one kill.

I don't target anything special unless I'm trying for an achievement. Just play the game they will come.

It probably feels like less because 1 - 50 almost every leg was an upgrade. After 60 most are all red arrows.
Oddly enough, my friends and I have been talking about this a lot. Not only have the legendaries fallen by the wayside, but just loot in general has been lacking. In our earlier play-throughs, every champion group or rare-named dropped magic items, sometimes rares. On Inferno, I've gone through three Rares and four groups of champions, and had only one drop any gear. Two of the rares only dropped gold. That is not right, in my opinion. They should ALWAYS drop gear, even if it's low quality.
I have found the drop rates decrease significantly once you get to inferno. My first couple weeks of playing when I leveled a monk and DH to 60. I got about 100 Legos. Since I started farming inferno, I can't get anything to drop hardly. I am lucky to get one Lego per act run in inferno no matter what difficulty level. Kind of took away the excitement. Most elite packs barely drop anything.

It is starting to suck like the computer did. I feel like I had false hope leveling to 60 only to watch my paragon level start to increase and the Lego drop rate decrease. No clue. Maybe the hot fix for the hackers included some kind of decrease in Lego drops or something. I play difficulty between easy to Master 3 and don't see much of a difference except for mobs hit points.
inferno is just like pc. im getting 4to5 legs an hour but they are all stink pants, goldwraps, etc..
Inferno loot table is much larger than all the other modes. That is why it feels like the drops are slowing down. Even with that being said I can hop on for an hour and still pick up a couple of legendaries.

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