team wiz gold, im pretty goshdarn busy now

can anyone take charge of the 2.2 bil and start making wiz sets plz?
I don't know anything but CM/WW or SNS :(

Someone else with better knowledge (and time)?
I know SS and SNS but i dont have time, I could at most make one of each. Where does the extra 0.2 bil come from?
melkor using his own gold has been making investments, so far the profit has been 200mil
Anticipating another 350 this week
Perhaps Melkor can take over this project?
09/14/2013 08:22 AMPosted by MrDuMa
Perhaps Melkor can take over this project?

Unfortunately, my expertise is limited to modest % gains in commodity training :(

I've always had a very, very, poor shopping mantra:

I wan't it?

I buy it.

I am so enthusiastic about helping in any way I can...but unfortunately, my skill set limits my value here :(
By the way Steel, I need to take that gold off your hands to make a play.
just saw the msg, left a broadcast msg for ya to read

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