Not receiving verification codes on cellphone

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Hi Omrakos,
Appreciate your advise regarding this issue. Almost a week and still same problem for me.
I'm using 012 and couldn't get the verification, and when i tried different provider - 019, it worked.

I'm from Malaysia, using Maxis.

In case u guys want to try different provider, submit a ticket to remove your current number.
What's the point of maintenance when you didn't resolved any bugs. I am so pissed off right now
You can contact support via Live chat, just pick Diablo 3 + I have an issue managing my account + I have an account management issue that isn't listed here.

Click Continue, if its during the support work hours the Live Chat icon should be available, thats much faster than opening a ticket and wait 24+ hours for a reply. I've seen a few posts of people saying that they couldnt re-add the same number after removing it(with a Blizz rep help) and others that adding the same number again didnt fix the problem.

I added a new number from the same carrier and that fixed the problem for me, I doubt blues here in the forums will help with removing sms protect from accounts, since you must first provide some account-related info to verify that you are the actual owner of the account(which should't be done on a public forum), which is what happens when you use Live Chat.

My 2 cents.
I was able to change it after all, it's fine for me now
Any update on this?? Problem still persist for me.
So i still got this problem, and im unable to get my number removed to try an other provider, because i dont have a valid ID atm -.-.
Any news if the problem will be solved, or have you just pushed it under the rug? :(
It have been 10 days now :(
if u can't remove your number through verification, remove it thru ticket, they'll ask for identification and after u provide it, they'll remove it
Did you read what ive wrote? I dont have an ID, so im unable to remove my number atm, as a valid ID is req to remove it.
I can just go pick up an ID(will cost me some $ tho), but i dont see why this problem is mine to solve...

"EDIT:" Ok i fell stupid now, apprently my simcard had ran out of $ so thats why i dint get my sms, fillede $ on and got it asap, sorry blizz :).
Mine seemed to have fixed its self :)
Howdy Folks,
I am having the same trouble. I had a Galaxy S3 (cdma) from metropcs worked fine got the alerts when ever they were sent. Two weeks ago I upgraded to the new Galaxy S4 (gsm) also with Metropcs same number same plan. Now I can not not get them (sms) from blizz. Made a ticket they removed my sms alert number and reset it re entered it a few time , tried it with the dash's and without. still does not work. So tonight I get a response from a Blizz rep.
That is lame to hear. I would, in all honest, talk to the Phone Company about you not getting text messages from Blizzard Entertainment. There may be so flag or kink in the process of recieving our texts. I have seen before that some phone companies have some contracts set as prepaid phones in the back code, so that may be the issue. There hasn't been any issues with sending SMS texts.

Should anything else come up, please feel free to contact us by creating a new Support Service Request by clicking Ask a Question.

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Anyhow, So of course I get a couple of high value legs that I ended up selling for gold instead of cash. Guess it may be a mute point, being AH is closing...
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Just spoke with a MetroPCS rep he/she stated that MetroPCS does not support Blizzard short codes or alerts. Nvm that I tried to explain that I was getting them prior to the new phone. Guess he/she did not have that option on their que cards lol
I'm having this problem too.. I'm Using Maxis. Based on my information,other Telco in malaysia have no problem to receive the verification code except for Maxis. Blizzard, Please fix this. I don't want to change my phone number just because of this.. come on guys...
lol.. issue persists for 3 weeks and nobody going to resolve it, kinda funny ~
okay,the same !@#$ starts again,
great job
I have the same problem, I am from Bulgaria. Blizzard please help!
happen again after 3 week....
Hi I am from Malaysia, who facing this problem they hp number start from 012 and 017. but 019,010 and 016 no problem. I hope pass this massage to who solving this problem.
I got the problem again... M-tele, Houston, Texas.
Last time i had this error it was because i dint have money on my phone, but that isent the case anymore.....
I got the problem, can somebody reset my account?
Same problem here.
T-Mobile, the Netherlands

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