New Idea (Blizzard please read)

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Hey my name is Brian. just wanted to suggest an idea for diablo3. having a wave system like other popular games. where players can enter an area just like pvp and fight wave after wave of monsters! it would be great for the end game players that are losing interest. maybe put a twist on it and have an unique item at the end, or have it unlimited waves with a ladder system to see who or what groups can make it the furthest, or both!

thanks for your time :)

(not sure if this idea was thought up yet, didn't look into it)
I dig it.
this has been suggested a lot, and if i remember right in the data mined info that came out not to long ago there was something that seems like this idea. we have no official word from blizz, but it seems like its something they are looking at adding into the game.

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